‘Lord’ makes his triumphant return

November 19, 2007 5:10 AM


Michael Flatley, creator and star of Lord of the Dance, will return for a one-night appearance at the Orleans Arena. Tickets are now available for the Dec. 6 one-nighter. It may just be wishful thinking by some but rumor has it the Dance may have a steady venue here in Las Vegas again. Following the extended appearance of Lord of the Dance at both New York-New York and the Venetian, travels took them to some 200 countries while appearing before three million. Maybe the fall of 2008 will find Lord of the Dance in a new venue here in Vegas.

It looks like the media circus will return to downtown Las Vegas when O.J. returns to face trial on his latest charges. Mayor Oscar Goodman is always touting interest downtown, but doubt if this was on his list of options. The crowd that came out for the O.J. show rivaled the crowd that came to hear the Democratic presidential candidates. That’s a sorry reflection of the Vegas psyche.

With all the Cirque du Soleil shows playing in Las Vegas, it was bound to happen. Fortunately I wasn’t there to see the accident at New York-New York when two performers of Zumanity fell. It had to be frightening for the audience. Of course all the fellow performers and yours truly wish a speedy recovery for both artists. Knowing the strength and commitment of these artists, I’m sure the show will go on. All the Cirque performers are amazing.

Wayne Newton was Best Man at Robert and Vera Goulet’s wedding some 25 years ago so everyone was concerned when Wayne didn’t attend the funeral services for Robert. Wayne has been recovering from a bout of pneumonia and he’s nursing a heart condition. We continue to send our prayers to Mr. Las Vegas for his good health.

Caesars Palace is home to the comedy festival this week. Many comedy giants appeared including Joy Behar, Kevin McDonald, Ellen Degeneres, Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock.

It happened again! Rosie O’Donnell’s return to television was cancelled by NBC. Could it have been over the millions of dollars Rosie demanded for her return? Here’s a news flash, Rosie, they don’t pay millions for a human blob.

Following a wedding ceremony at the home of friends, Clint Holmes and his bride Kelly Clinton, invited 200 of their closest friends to join them at Bootleggers where an all night of jazz and music was enjoyed.

Mark your calendars for Nov. 25 at the Rampart. It’s a buffet and show starring my wonderful friend Charo. Charo, Charo, please come home to stay!

Don’t forget to check out Jeff Bleacher’s Madhouse at the Hard Rock. This is another talent that may be moving to a major property. I’m a fan.

Don’t forget about the opening celebration for Planet Hollywood. I did. Yours truly passed on the opening becasue of their shoddy treatment of me. The Red Carpet rolled out for the stars like Barbra Streisand and Bruce Willis. Robert Earl from Planet Hollywood keeps his eye on the media but I have to ask what’s the status of Steve Wyric?

Gone but not forgotten, the Latin Grammy ceremony at Mandalay Bay Event Center was a standout. The real standout of the evening was Ricky Martin doing Ricky Martin. Ricky and Blue Man Group together was pure genius.

Queen Latifah, doing her jazz thing at the House of Blues, keeps knocking us out with her musical and acting talent. Long live the Queen!

Now, let’s be honest. You’ve been watching Dancing with the Stars, right? I’m a fan of this show and have fallen in love again with America’s sweetheart, Marie Osmond. Her life has more drama than a dozen soap operas. Big news or big rumors are swirling around one of the ladies who appeared in the show and her professional partner. Are those wedding bells I hear?

 For those interested, I just received my copy of the DVD celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Saturday Night Fever. Thirty-one years later and I’m still here and still talking about this amazing experience. As part of that era, the creation of Disco Tex and the Sex-o-lettes, having sold more than seven million records, no doubt contributed to the latest honor I’ve been chosen to receive — Man of the Century. Details of this dubious distinction to follow shortly.

This weekend brought us Night of The Stars at the Hilton. Cast of Menopause, The Scintas and more celebrated the music of the great Harold Arlen . Proceeds went to the FACT, a very worthy cause.

From Man of the Century to Entertainer of the Decade, Barry Manilow. Barry continues to draw big audiences at the Hilton. We’re all glad he has a home here in Las Vegas.

Danny Gans continues to be Entertainer of the Year and the production shows are all topped by "O" at Bellagio and Phantom at the Venetian.

Getting married soon? Remember, Reverend Monti Rock awaits you with his Million Dollar Weddings.