We can’t shake being an ex-Patriot

Nov 20, 2007 4:22 AM


If nothing else, that’s what Denny The Dog’s selections have been this season. But The Dog can only dream of his record sitting at about 65 percent if he could have passed on the temptation of taking all those points the books dished out to Patriots opponents the last 11 weeks.

The Pats are 9-1 versus the point spread. I’ve taken the points in every one of their matchups and paid a steep price. I’m 1-9 picking against the Pats!

I would like to tell you I’ve learned my lesson after three months of knocking my head against Tom Brady, Randy Moss and the sports book wall. But for some strange reason ( it has something to do with the principle of laying over two touchdowns I’m sure) I think the Pats opponent plus the points will be like a magnet pulling my money clip out of my pocket.

I keep waiting for some team to step up to the plate and help the ’72 Dolphins uncork the champagne. But right now the Pats appear to be on a mission of mercy killing!

Don’t forget about the three Thanksgiving games. I hope they’re not all lopsided turkeys. The dogs certainly didn’t hold up last Sunday, finishing 5-9-1. Here’s hoping for a real feast of winners for what’s served up on the NFL’s thanksgiving table this weekend.

Packers -3½ at Lions: Brett Favre is making it impossible to make a play against the Pack. Three touchdowns and no picks for Favre versus Carolina. And that’s the way it’s gone for him this season. Everything Brett touches turns to gold! The Pack still throws to win, but RB Grant is mixing in just enough threat of a run to make the Pack tough to defend. PACKERS.

Jets +14 at Cowboys: Big number for Dallas to cover, even though the Cowboys are home and it’s Thanksgiving. Clemens making fewer mistakes each week. If Thomas Jones can give an effort close to the one he offered against Pittsburgh, this big number will be insurmountable, even for the mighty Romo and Owens. JETS.

Colts -10½ at Falcons: Colts should be ready to explode after surviving a big scare versus Kansas City. I’m not sure what Bobby Petrino was thinking, but I don’t understand the benching of Joey Harrington after two consecutive wins. Byron Leftwich was called upon and promptly gave up two picks and two fumbles! So what do you do now Bobby? Now you have to go back to Harrington. What a confidence booster you gave that young man! Falcons should have issues running the football and that might create bigger problems for whoever Petrino picks to QB! Falcons banged up badly on both sides of the line against Bucs. COLTS.

Broncos PK at Bears: Broncos may have just as many question marks as Chicago. But at least Denver knows who to look at for leadership. They know Cutler is their man for the future. I’m not sure Lovie Smith knows who his QB will be for this Sunday! BRONCOS.

Titans PK at Bengals: Home field advantage has to be worth something. I believe there’s a slight edge here with the home team. BENGALS.

Bills +7 at Jaguars: Taylor and Jones-Drew provide a devastating 1-2 punch and have helped Garrard look sharp in his return. As long as Lynch is a question mark so are the Bills. The Bills are probably questioning if they have the right QB under center. Losman or Edwards? No doubts in Jacksonville. JAGS

Raiders + 6 at Chiefs: As much as I’ve tried, I just can’t get overly excited about the prospects of Culpepper or McCown. Neither team has a great rushing attack right now. I will stake my claim with the home team and the defense that looks to be the toughest right now. CHIEFS.

Texans +4 at Browns: Just ask Phil Dawson if the balls are bouncing the Brownies’ way right now. He’s having a solid season as is the entire team. Schaub has his big weapon back in Andre Johnson, but Derek Anderson has bigger guns with Winslow, Edwards and Cribbs! BROWNS.

Seahawks -3 at Rams: Time for the home dogs to start barking. They’ve had their tails between their legs for most of the season. I’m not sold on the Seahawks, who lost to the Browns in Cleveland and then picked on the impotent Niners. Last week they played the underachieving Bears. All that weak competition should make the Rams a lively dawg! RAMS.

Vikings +7½ at Giants: Brandon Jacobs is limping and LB Kiwanuka might be out for the season. Giants looked great beating Lions but may have paid a big price. Chester Taylor filled some mighty big Adrian Peterson shoes by rushing for over 150 yards and three TDs against Oakland. Taking the hook might get you off the hook! VIKINGS.

Saints -1 at Panthers: The roller coaster season of the Saints continues — four straight losses, four consecutive wins and now two back-to-back losses. Drew Brees is no Brett Favre, but the Saints do have enough weapons to pound the punchless Panthers. David Carr better heal from his bad back and concussion because Vinny is taking Carolina no place fast. Come to think of it, I’m not sure Carr would help. SAINTS.

Redskins +3½ at Bucs: Earnest Graham and Jeff Garcia have the Bucs sitting atop the NFC South by two games. But there’s really not that much talent separating these teams. I will take the points with the visitors and look for the hook. SKINS.

49ers +10 at Cards: At first glance this number looks too tall. But the more I look at San Francisco. the more I’m inclined to lay the points. Alex Smith is hurting, physically and probability mentally with a QB rating under 60. Kurt Warner (no picks or fumbles last week) is on a big roll. The Cards intercepted Carson Palmer four times so who knows how many they’ll snatch against Dilfer or Smith. CARDS.

Ravens +9½ at Chargers: Right now I think the Bolts consider themselves lucky just to win games. At 5-5, I don’t think they need to be worrying about covering points spreads over a TD. It’s official, Philip Rivers is in the midst of a big sophomore slump. He’s not Mr. 4th Quarter this season. Tomlinson under 100 rushing yards four consecutive games. RAVENS.

Eagles +20 at Patriots: If Westbrook performs like he did last week, it doesn’t matter who Any Reid decides to start at QB. I haven’t learned my lesson after three months. Go ahead Brady and Moss, make my day! EAGLES.

Dolphins +15 at Steelers: I wasn’t tremendously impressed with the debut of Beck. I’m not impressed at all with Cam Cameron. But I have to believe a team that hasn’t won a game will put forth their absolute best effort on national TV to help ease the pain. DOLPHINS.