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-105 heats up Plaza betting

Nov 20, 2007 5:06 AM
5-5, 1-4 43-47 20-19-2

It has been a banner season at the Plaza for NFL and the reason is the -105 line.

"That’s the way offshore books are getting their business," said Mike Colbert, sports guru at the Plaza. "Other than us, the -105 line has never been done in Vegas and I don’t know why. The dime line creates more business and wins."

The standard straight bet in Vegas for football is 11-to-10, which breaks down to a $100 payback for every $110 wagered. For example if you bet $11 on an NFL or college football game and win, you receive $10.

The -110 uses a 20-cent line in Vegas books. The -105 at the Plaza deals with a 10-cent line. If the Plaza has a team at -108, the other side is -102. If it’s -107, the other side is -103.

"You are saving 10 cents with every bet," Colbert said. "That’s good for every bettor, whether that person wagers $20 or $5.000. "We have won more money this year in the NFL at the Plaza than in the past two years combined."

Colbert indicated that he would like to extend the -105 line to college football and basketball.

"We already do it in baseball and now the NFL has been a big win for us," he said. "I don’t know why other Vegas casinos don’t use the -105, but I know the Plaza is glad to be doing it."

Colbert also mentioned that the Plaza Dome has been a popular spot Saturdays and Sundays for watching the college and pro games.


USC -3 Arizona St (Thu): The biggest game possibly in the history of Arizona State football. These are not the mighty Trojans of the past few years, but rarely is USC less than a two touchdown favorite. Value hard to ignore. USC.

Nebraska +6 at Colorado (Sat): Nice way for the Buffs to close out the year. Nebraska is in turmoil. COLORADO.

Ole Miss +6½ at Miss St: Rebs hung around against LSU. State also playing better, but this spread is too high. OLE MISS.

Arkansas +12½ at LSU: The Tigers should bottle up McFadden and put on a show in Baton Rouge finale. LSU.

Boise St +4 at Hawaii: Can’t wait for this one. First to 70 wins. Points welcomed. BOISE ST.

UConn +17 at W.Virginia: UConn not as good as its record. The Mounties are very much in the national title picture. A rout wouldn’t hurt one bit. WVU.

Missouri +2 at Kansas: The venue was moved to Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs. This will be the best game Chiefs fans will see this year. KANSAS.

Maryland +2 at NC State: Terps involved in a lot of close losses. Mentally, they are ripe for another to the Pack. NC STATE

Clemson -2½ at S.Carolina: The Tigers blew an ACC title berth and may not be primed to face their hated rival. The Gamecocks at home with Spurrier have an edge. S.CAROLINA

Florida St +14 at Florida: Both teams will go to bowls, but that’s it. Nothing to play for here except state pride. FLORIDA.

Notre Dame +3½ at Stanford: The Irish are off a double-digit win over Duke. Hey, that’s something! Stanford shocked USC, but run hot and cold. ND.


Packers -3½ at Lions (Thu): Must win game for Lions in terms of playoffs and division. Packers run and hide with a win. Lions often roar on Turkey Day. LIONS

Titans PK at Bengals (Sun): Vince Young just finds way to win. Tthe Bengals are adept at choking and bickering. TITANS.

Saints -3 at Panthers: No wins yet at home for Carolina. Saints are starting to get their act in gear. SAINTS.

Ravens +9 at Chargers: Baltimore is struggling, but they do bring Ray Lewis and that defense. Chargers not deserving of this huge spread. RAVENS.

Eagles +17 at Pats: Westbrook needs a career game if he can last! Can they cancel? PATRIOTS.