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Thankful for a football feast!

Nov 20, 2007 6:19 AM

Aside from New Year’s week, Thanksgiving week has the best menu for dining as well as betting on football, especially the rivalry games which are indeed plentiful this week.

Here are a few appetizers, which begin on Tuesday with Troy hosting Mid Tennessee State. Troy has shown they are a great cover team this season, as the odds-makers give them very little respect, so 11 points as a favorite shouldn’t be too much to overcome. Incidentally, they also have good looking alumni, as well as highly intelligent graduates. (That’s an inside joke).

Anyway, on Friday USC visits Arizona State, and the once mighty Trojans are about a field goal favorite, but I like the home team straight up.

Also, on Friday Ole Miss and Miss State will square off and I’ve always believed that if a team has a Mississippi in its name you’re compelled to bet the game under, so here’s a spot where you have two Mississippi’s, so you can double your pleasure.

Arkansas is getting about two touchdowns, and they are a very dangerous team, so No. 1 LSU better not be looking ahead just yet. In the bail out game of the day, you can pay for all your turkey dinners with a Hawaii and "over" parlay, as the QB for the Rainbows should be back and firing footballs all over the place, making covering 5 points relatively easy.

On Saturday a basketball school, Connecticut, has turned into a pretty good football school, and they’re getting 17 points from West Virginia. That figures to go up even more before game time, but 17 I think will be enough for the underdog to get the money.

The Missouri-Kansas game could very well turn into a high scoring contest, as the league in general has been playing over games all season. I don’t know the college totals yet, but anything over 41 for the Duke-North Carolina game should put you at the cashiers with your under bet. Miami Florida has quit its season, at least for the last two games, and Boston College, who is still playing for something, should bury them.

In the NFL the Bears laying three should be a good play, as Denver is having an off year, and hasn’t shown much offensively or defensively up to this point.

The Bengals score a lot, and give up a lot, and they should be your consistent over bet for the rest of the season. You can put the Browns in that equation also; you’ll win more games than you lose — that’s for sure. The Rams plus 3 as a home dog may be a good shot, as Seattle is having personnel problems.

A few weeks ago I got a call from a guy named Joe Rowan. Well, Joe and I played softball together for quite a few years at Lorenzi Park. Joe asked me to play on a tournament team with him and because we had a great relationship in the past; I couldn’t say no. I’m certain that many of my readers know Joe, as he’s been working for State Farm in this town for many years. He’s a superstar as a softball player and as a person in general.

Well, the tournament started last Tuesday, and during the very first game I began to wonder why I hadn’t played in tournaments for the past eight years. However, by the end of the third game I knew the answer. I was so worn out when I got home I never left the couch. Finally, I left my location and took a fast shower and went to bed. The second day we started at noon and played three more games. Exhaustion came faster that day and upon finally getting home I skipped the fast shower and went right to bed. This tourney was taking on the looks of a 26 mile marathon to my body.

The next day we were to be at the field at 8 a.m. I literally took 10 minutes just to get out of bed as every joint in my body notified me of their collective displeasure. This day was set up that the loser was eliminated, which down deep was my unsportsmanlike desire.

I tried to throw the game but my teammates were uncooperative and we went on to victory. The picture was even more clouded, as if we were to win the second game we would have to play a third, which I was certain my wounded body would reject as I had used up all the adrenaline that I was capable of producing. I silently urged on a team from Hawaii and fortunately they prevailed, so we came in second place in the tourney. Who says second sucks? Not me on this day for sure. To Joe I say thanks but no thanks; don’t call me I’ll call you and thanks again for a great week.

In the late 1970s or early 1980s Herb Seid was the man. This genius produced more winners than you or I could have ever imagined. He lived with me and my family for two years and busted my chops all the time and I loved every minute of it. Well, Herbie is not in too good of shape now, and anyone who knows him or of him and would like to drop him a letter or post card should send it to:

Herb Seid

c/o The Jewish Home of Rockleigh

10 Link Drive

Rockleigh, New Jersey 07647

Myself and my wife and our three sons all wish him the best and are all proud that we were privileged to know him.

Good news comes out of Houston where my friend the good Judge from Chicago is displaying a great disposition and is showing only positive vibes as he continues his personal battle which I know he’ll win. Hang in there Mort and know that many friends are awaiting your return for the NFL playoffs in January.

Have a great week, and remember to be thankful for all that we all have.