Players learn to bet the bucket!

Nov 27, 2007 12:51 AM

A Las Vegas casino a few years ago held a contest in which it gave away $1,000 to the hunter who bagged the biggest buck during the hunting season.

Now, I’m not going to give you a thousand bucks for the biggest buck, but the first one of you folks that sends me an email to [email protected] and correctly names the casino will win a prize.

Yes, I will just send you an autographed copy of my book "The Gentleman Gambler" if you will tell me the name of that casino that ran that biggest buck contest.

And, the casino is still in business. The casino also gave consolation prizes to everyone who entered the contest. If you did not win the prize for the taking home the biggest buck, you could draw from a great big bucket and win a variety of free gifts — dinner, shows and free plays on the slots.

It was a fun contest — I wish we still had it — but there is still one contest that is going on in Las Vegas. It is at my house.

I don’t know if Carol will let you play, but I get to play as often as I wish to.

The game is called Bet the Bucket.

First, I must tell you that I have been known in my life time to bet on a ball game ”¦ football, basketball, baseball and even the horses.

But Monday night football was my favorite, and in my salad days I would bet a couple of dollars or a nickel or a dime or a couple of quarters and sometimes even five dimes on the outcome of a football game.

For those of you who do not bet on sports, I will explain that a dollar is $100 and a nickel in bookie talk is $500. A dime is $1,000, two quarters is $5,000 and five dimes is also $5,000.

Carol once asked me, "Honey, why don’t you just place your bets with me? I’ll be your bookie."

"But honey," I replied. "It would be no fun to beat you out of the money that I would win."

Unfazed, Carol replied, "That’s okay, dear, I will just take that chance. We will just put this bucket over here in the corner of the room and you can bet as high and as often as you wish! I will trust you to take the money out of the bucket when you win, and, of course, you will please just put the money in the bucket that you lose."

Pretty soon that bucket was overflowing and I could see that I’d gotten into a bad deal. But each time I wanted to go to the sports book and place a bet, Carol, would remind me, "Honey, you don’t have to go down there, I am always willing to take your action."

Sometimes, in Oklahoma my bookie, Dale, would say "I will only take a nickel on that game — the line is 3 with a circle around it."

That is bookie speak meaning there is a limit because they were not sure of the weather or if certain key players were hurt and if they would be playing in the game, or heaven forbid they smelled something was wrong with that game.

But Carol was brave; she would never circle a game on me.

If you have not already guessed, Carol now owns me, everything is hers!

I do not need a will; Carol will just cash my markers.

Oklahoma Johnny Poker Tip of the Week

Here is a little story that I remember reading somewhere. This happened on one stormy night in Oklahoma. A half dozen men were sitting around a poker table. Most of the men were honest local citizens. One was the local doctor. There were a couple of ranchers and two farmers, and there was a one-eyed stranger.

They had been playing several hours and the one-eyed stranger seemed to be getting all the good hands. It was becoming increasingly evident that the one-eyed stranger had more than luck going for him.

On more than one occasion during the evening the doctor thought he detected cheating.

At about midnight the doctor got up and said quietly, "Gentlemen, we are all tired and we have been playing for several hours and in fact some of us are just about broke. I propose that we take a short break to stretch our legs. Then, before we resume play I think we should just throw these cards away and start with a new deck.

"Perhaps our luck will change," he said, and looked hard at the one-eyed stranger, put his hand on the revolver in his belt, and said, "After we come back we will all play a square game and the first man we catch cheating, we will just shoot out his other eye."

The luck changed.

Until next time remember to stay lucky.