Learn from the ‘Magnificent Seven’

November 27, 2007 12:59 AM


I agree that it is very hard to accept or understand that my video poker success has been so consistent over the years after being a long-term strategy loser for six years prior.

And I know the reason for that: Most players lose regularly, some lose big, and others believe there’s just no way to beat the game after so many years of losing.

But the painful process of losing eventually evolved into the Singer Play Strategy that has worked just as I’ve said it does, and it’s possible for others to benefit from following it.

I’ve broken down my steps to success into seven distinct reasons why I’ve been able to consistently beat the machines year after year — and without the help of needing to add in cash back, free-play, gifts, comped meals, rooms or shows, or anything beneficial received for being a member of any slot club. Cash won from the machines is King in video poker, and it is the ONLY King.

NUMBER 1: No player should ever go into a casino without expecting to win every single time — and knowing they’ll be totally distraught if they do not. This advantage player nonsense about accepting losing 7 out of every 10 visits because the math says their three winning sessions should total slightly more than their 7 losing ones is as contradictory and crazy as believing that the world is flat.

NUMBER 2: There is simply no possible way of playing successfully without going into a session with a plan consisting of strict stop win and loss goals — and then actually overcoming the incredible lure of continued casino action and doing exactly what you said you were going to do, immediately. Because this "secret" is nearly impossible to achieve whether you’ve won or lost, it is the most common requirement that players admit to me that they’ve broken over and over again.

NUMBER 3: Players will never consistently get to the promise land without the correct pre-determined bankroll. This is not some irrational long-term figure created in the clouds by the math people, and has absolutely no connection to the many complicated and meaningless risk-of-ruin calculations being tossed about in their gaming businesses. It is a straightforward amount needed to play a single session safely, and is driven by the number of credits of the highest denomination intended to be played.

NUMBER 4: Understand that a winning player ONLY plays on his or her own terms, where he or she wants to play and when, and is NEVER drawn in to play because the casino is supposedly having a lucrative-sounding promotion or beyond belief giveaway. It is as simple a "secret" to follow as there has ever been, yet few want to believe that if you play how and/or when the casinos want and expect you to play, you will usually lose.

NUMBER 5: Success can be defined in many ways, and it can be confirmed in several others. One that glaringly sticks out is how a few prominent names in video poker have continually been allowed — and have been paid a fee for — to teach their long-term strategy method to attendees inside casino or other settings, yet whenever I’ve approached most of the same and other casinos about teaching the Singer Play Strategies FOR FREE, the answer is always the same. "We don’t want to attract hit-and-run style players. We want those who’ll come in and sit at the machines playing for hours."

NUMBER 6: Come to terms with the truth that any money you’ve won playing the machines and is in your possession is your money period. If you continue to play, you are not "playing with THEIR money". You are risking YOUR funds and no one else’s. It is a fundamental mistake and it is made all the time. Winning gives false confidence to those who stay on and want to continue playing. The reality is, overwhelmingly you will not keep winning. Greed has been said to be a sin, and it is one big mistake in video poker.

NUMBER 7: No one’s going to beat the casinos at their own game, and they’re all about having an edge over everyone in the long-term. If you play video poker mathematically perfect you will lose without extreme and unusual luck. No hand you’re dealt is being played millions of times during your session, and you should never treat it as if it were. That’s why special plays that deviate from expert strategy are essential to any session where a win goal is being pursued. In the Singer Play Strategies, I’ve done a number of high and medium value risk assessments that take advantage of certain dealt opportunities, and these plays have ended many of my sessions on a positive note.