Even a Dog lover recognizes a favorite

Nov 27, 2007 1:23 AM
8-7 98-69-8 58.7

Count your blessings. That’s what my parents always taught me.

And so as Thanksgiving passed, I gave plenty of thanks to anyone who would listen. Thank you for allowing Denny The Dog to pick as many winners as I have with the dogs performing so poorly over the last two weeks.

The faves silenced the dawgs with a 20-10-1 record (nearly 70 percent) over the last two weekends. But The Dog didn’t place his tail between his legs and run. Instead, he found wisdom in the selection of enough favorites to survive.

Here’s to counting some more blessings and a few more winners for Week 13!

Packers +6½ at Cowboys: The Skins went into Dallas two weeks ago and put a big scare on the Cowboys. Since Washington did that, I see no reason why a much better team can’t do the same. Brett Favre might be having the best season of his career. And there’s no doubt he now has a tremendous defense and a newfound running back in Grant to help carry the load. I believe in give and take, but I’m a taker of the points all the way in this spot. PACKERS.

Falcons +3½ at Rams: The Rams should be on a three game win streak. Frerotte missed a wide open receiver on third and goal which would have beaten Seattle. He then botched a snap on fourth and goal to blow the game and the point spread. There’s not much promise of hope on the Falcons sideline after the botched Leftwich experiment. Whether the cobwebs clear from Bulger’s head or Frerotte practices for a full week with the first team, either one will be enough to get the job done. RAMS.

Bills +6 at Skins: All you can say about Joe Gibbs’ team is that they play pretty well in losing efforts. Even though Jason Campbell keeps making progress (or so they say) the Skins struggle to score points and keep turning the ball over in key situations. BILLS.

Lions +3½ at Vikings: Tough to imagine the Vikes returning another three interceptions for TDs . Vikes’ D playing very solid. But the Lions should be able to move the ball between Jon Kitna’s arm and Kevin Jones’ legs. I see one more desperate effort to get back on the magical target of 10 wins. If they have any shot, the dream needs to start over right here and now. LIONS.

Texans +4 ½ at Titans: Since the Titans lost Albert Haynesworth, they’ve lost three straight games. Tennessee also has some injury issues on the offensive line. TEXANS.

Jaguars +7 at Colts: Looks like Jack Del Rio made a super decision when he decided to give up Leftwich and turn the team over to David Garrard. Garrard has thrown over 200 straight passes without giving up a pick. Fred Taylor is making his job a little easier, especially when he goes over 100 yards like he did last week versus Buffalo. Jags D not giving up yards or points without a fight. JAGS.

Jets + 1½ at Dolphins: I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the Fish being a favorite over any team. Their winless record heading into Monday night’s game with the Steelers is enough to scare me away. But even if they pulled the miracle upset, I’m not sure I could back them to win two consecutive games! JETS.

Chargers -4½ at Chiefs: In a battle of coaching wits these two clubs might have to fight unarmed! Norv Turner has managed to take a Super Bowl caliber team and turn it into a barely better than .500 team that can’t play a lick on the road. Herm Edwards disgusted fans everywhere last Sunday with his decision to pass on the game tying field goal with four minutes left in the Raiders game while his team was down by 3! I won’t even get into his past clock management skills! I will take the points in a battle of the San Diego nit wit versus the Kansas City half-wit! CHIEFS.

Seahawks -3 at Eagles: Hmmmm. Let’s see now. The Pats were a 25 point favorite over Philly and they beat the Eagles by 3. So I guess the Eagles should be about a 30 point favorite over Seattle, right? A.J. Feeley making Philly fans hope McNabb takes plenty of time to heal his leg. EAGLES.

49ers +2 at Panthers: Of all the crazy things that happened last week, what shocked me the most was Frank Gore finally suiting up for a Niner game! The Trent Dilfer and Gore explosion must have been a dream. It certainly was a nightmare for Cardinals fans. I think the Niners will stay in dreamland one more week. Difficult to back any of the Carolina QBs 49ERS.

Bucs +3 at Saints: The see-saw season of the Saints continued at Carolina. But beating the Panthers is kind of like picking on your little sister. The Bucs have a real team with a defense that didn’t allow a Redskins first down in the second half last Sunday. BUCS.

Browns +3 at Cards: How can I pass on a dog as red-hot as Cleveland? I can’t! First they get the doink-doink win over Baltimore. Last week new heroes emerged on defense. And Derek Anderson is doing his best to impersonate Bernie Kosar, with one exception. Derek has a much stronger arm. BROWNS.

Broncos -3½ at Raiders: Just when I was starting to believe the Broncos were a contender, they proved to be a pretender in Chicago. And just when I was convinced the Raiders were a pretender? Oh no, they didn’t prove they were a contender. But the Raiders did show me they could contend for the money when playing the role of the underdog. RAIDERS.

Giants -2½ at Bears: I don’t know how good the Bears would be without Devin Hester. But right now they have him and I think they’re going to hang onto him for awhile. New York can forget about catching the Cowboys. Their main goal right now is to hang on for the playoffs. Last week they played like a team on the verge of folding! BEARS.

Bengals + 8 at Steelers: If Chad Johnson would just keep his mouth shut and play football like he did last week against Tennessee, there’s no telling how many more games the Bengals would have won. Cincy has enough talent to take this game down to the wire. BENGALS.

Patriots -18 at Ravens: Ok, I’ve closed my eyes and held my breath so it wouldn’t hurt as much. Here goes the improbable. Denny The Dog will break down and lay the 18 points on Brady and company. If Belichick was ticked off about the video tape, how in the heck will he feel about the humiliating three-point margin of victory over the Eagles? PATS.