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College football bowls still work fine

Nov 27, 2007 1:46 AM
1-6-1, 2-2 20-16-3 50-57-2

With every talking head on the sports shows yelling for a playoff in college football, I myself just don’t like change.

I liked the college season the way it used to be. In the 60s a college football team was rewarded from an exceptional season by going to one of the several bowls. If they really had a great season, there was the opportunity to play on New Years Day. I loved just sitting at home and watching all the good teams on Jan. 1 playing in the Peach, Orange and Rose Bowls. Now it’s all about the money and the almighty advertising dollars, not about the players or the teams.

Now it’s the .com bowls, the Toyota, Bud and so on. I liked it much better when a team like Hawaii could go undefeated and get a piece of the national championship. Now, finishing 12-0 gets them in the Honolulu Bowl with no shot at a piece of the title. Just a piece of pineapple!

In the 60s it was possible to walk in the post office or the local bank and the tellers actually knew you. It wasn’t necessary to show 18 different forms of ID or swipe three different cards just to cash a check. Gas was 80 cents a gallon and the lights actually went from red to green every now and then. You could say Merry Christmas without fear of offending anyone.

Even Vegas in the 70s when I first got here was fine. You could go anywhere in 10 minutes, eat at one of the great coffee shops for two bucks and maybe even sit next to Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra. Well, those days are gone but I do feel sorry for the people today who never had the chance to live them. They are stuck with all the traffic the rest of their lives and most likely college playoff games in the near future.

Maybe it’s time to figure out a way back to Steubenville, which is still stuck in the 60s and loving every minute. Then again, I could make an attempt to move to the North Pole, I here this is a good time of year to get some work in a toy plant that doesn’t use all that lead and poison paint on the merchandise.

The very successful Last Man Standing football contest at Station Casinos was won by Keith Morse of Sunset Station. Morse captured the first prize of $74,850 out of 3882 entries. Keith will have a very Merry Christmas and a big congrats from GT.

Now let’s see if we can get a few winners and some extra holiday dough.


Saturday, Dec. 1

UCLA +19 at USC: At first glance I was ready to jump all over UCLA plus the points. After some serious digging I found some trends that have switched me. The home team is 4-0 ATS the last four years. The biggest trend is that USC is 12-0 ATS at home after back to back straight up wins and covers. The Trojans have won and covered their last three games. USC.

California -13 at Stanford: The Golden Bears have fallen on hard times after starting 5-0 with wins over Tennessee, Arizona and Oregon. After a loss at home to Oregon State they went straight down the tubes, going 0-6 ATS in their last six games. If the Bears have any pride, they will win. Stanford could not beat Notre Dame at home last week. CAL.

Pitt +28½ at W. Virginia:WVU is the winner in this game and if they can pour it on they will. However, -28½ in this huge rivalry is obscene. The Panthers could have packed it in last week against South Florida but kept battling back in 48-37 loss. There is no love lost in this rivalry. The spread could even go higher. PITTSBURGH.

Arizona +7 at Ariz St: The Wildcats have won and covered their last three games against Washington, UCLA and Oregon. A win here could possibly earn a bowl bid. State is 0-3 ATS in their last three and coming off a blasting by USC at Tempe. ARIZONA.

Wash +13 at Hawaii: I don’t usually stay up this late, but maybe for this game. Game No. 13 this season for the Huskies is a nice trip to the Islands. Wow! Washington did beat Boise State early in the year 24-10 and somehow beat a very down California team 37-23 before losing to arch rival Washington State last week. If we only knew their mind set for this game, the points would look good. The Rainbow Warriors are looking for the perfect wave and season. I hope they win, just not by the number. WASH.


Va Tech -4 vs BC: In Jacksonville. In the first meeting the Hokies were a -3 point favorite at home and the total was 41. They gave the game away late losing 14-10. Since then, VT has won and covered its last four games against Georgia Tech, Florida State, Miami and Virginia. VA TECH.


Tenn +7½ vs LSU: In Atlanta. Hard to believe the Vols are in this game and that LSU is out of the BCS championship picture. The LSU defense just folded. Tennessee could have easily lost their last two games, but made a desperate comeback at home against Vandy and beat Kentucky in a multiple OT game 52-50. LSU was losing 50-48 in OT to Arkansas, which Tennessee held to 13 points. Points look way too good. TENN.


Missouri +3 vs Okla: In San Antonio. The Sooners opened as a -9½ point favorite in first meeting and got bet up to -13. OU won 41-31. Since then Mizzu has been on a rampage beating all comers, including previously undefeated Kansas last week in a real thriller 36-28. There are some chinks in the Oklahoma armor, losing to a Texas Tech team that Missouri beat 41-10. The Sooners also lost 27-24 to Colorado, a team the Tigers crushed 55-10. BEST BET: MISSOURI (money line).


We’ll try a 3-team special.