A Favre-able NFC showdown

Nov 27, 2007 4:46 AM

Let’s start out this week’s selections by the most important game in the NFL on Thursday, with the Packers visiting the high flying Cowboys. The line came out at —7 for the Dallas club. Both teams are 10-1 and I can’t see giving a touchdown to either.

Bret Favre is in a zone and capable of scoring some points and his defense has held up so far this season; so I’ll take the +7 and hope for the best.

The Army-Navy game on Saturday morning traditionally is hard fought and even with a lousy team I’ve got to go with Army getting two touchdowns. Later that day Arizona visits Arizona State in Phoenix, and the host team is giving a touchdown to a very average team. I’ll lay the 7 as only a week or two ago this team was in the top ten of the BCS.

In the Big 12 Championship game Oklahoma is a three point favorite and I think the line makers have it reversed, but I’ll take the +3 and Missouri.

On Sunday an important match-up is the Jaguars at the Colts. These teams are fighting for division supremacy and it should be a close game, so I’ll suggest Jacksonville +7. The Chargers go to KC and are spotting 5 points. They looked good this past week and KC looked pitiful losing to the Raiders. I’ll lay the 5 and hope both sides play as good or bad as they did last week.

I’ll begin this part of the column with some highlights of a most glorious weekend with many family members and how proud and thankful we were to have so many family members here. The Diamond family didn’t have a sell-out, but we were awfully close and truly appreciated each of the three days we were given. But now it’s Sunday and I better get back to work or I’ll be in big trouble.

This had to be the most interesting college football weekend of the year, with no clue of who was going to be No. 1 and No. 2 in the country. We were exposed to some games that even Hollywood couldn’t script better. The LSU-Arkansas game had to be the best game I’ve ever seen for so much riding on the outcome. It seemed that nobody lost their focus as Arkansas finally prevailed in an unbelievable overtime victory 50-48. Imagine a team scoring 50 points against a team with probably the most prolific defense in the country.

However, the individual performances of five potential Heisman Trophy candidates were even more inspiring than Friday’s and Saturday’s games.

Let’s recap each and see if you can decide who deserves the prestigious award the most:

Colt Brennen: The Hawaii quarterback coming off of a concussion, which kept him out of the lineup for a few games, had 40 completions for 495 yards, including five touchdown. His quick release reminds me of Dan Marino. What a great pro prospect he is.

Pat White: The elusive quarterback of West Virginia accounted for three touchdowns as he ran for 186 yards and passed for over 100 on a 9-for-13 day. His speed and elusiveness reminded me of Michael Vick as a college quarterback for VA Tech.

James McFadden: This exceptional running back of Arkansas does everything, most especially when he gets a direct snap from the center. McFadden not only rushed for 206 yards, but completed 3 of 6 passes (one for a touchdown) and ran for three touchdowns against a great defense that had a shadow on him all day. His acceleration can be compared to the Viking’s great rookie running back Adrian Peterson.

Chase Daniel: This Missouri quarterback never lost his focus in the most important game of his life as his team faced an undefeated Kansas club for the right to represent the Big 12 North in next week’s Championship game with Oklahoma. Chase reminds me of Fran Tarkington as a short, elusive scrambler who seems to always get the job done. His accuracy was unbelievable as he completed 40 of 49 passes for 361 yards, including 3 touchdowns.

Tim Tebow: "Superman," the multi-talented quarterback for the Florida Gators, not only threw for 262 yards with a 19 for 28 performance, including three touchdowns, but ran for two more in a blow-out of Florida State. His unbelievable stats this year have already rewrote the college football record books. He apparently is totally unstoppable to opposing defenses.

Well, there you have it. Five deserving candidates and five exceptional performances. Fortunately I don’t have a vote for the Heisman winner, as truly I can’t decide on any one of the above. Can you? As an eyewitness to all the above performances you might wonder when I had time to eat turkey — well I did, it was great, and I’m still eating the leftovers and it’s Sunday. We’re down to turkey salad, which is usually the signal that we are close to the culmination of an exceptionally gratifying weekend.

Have another great week!