WSOP voted amongtop ‘sports leagues’

Nov 27, 2007 5:00 AM

Although purists would argue the point, the World Series Of Poker was voted the 11th most admired sports league in North America in a poll of 12,000 sports fans conducted by the market research firm Turnkey Sports & Entertainment.

The NFL, Major League Baseball, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, and the PGA Tour are among the top 10, with the WSOP ranked 11th overall and ahead of 13 other traditional sports sanctioning bodies, including the National Hot Rod Association, Indy Racing League, PBA, Arena Football League, LPGA, the National Thoroughbred Racing Association and others.

The WSOP was also the only poker franchise among the 24 leagues in the study.

"We’re honored to keep company with the best sports brands in North America," said Jeffrey Pollack, Commissioner of the WSOP. "Thanks to our players, sponsors, media partners, fans and staff, we’ve entered the mainstream in another new way."

Early last summer, Turnkey polled about 12,000 adult sports fans in the 47 North American markets that are home to at least one NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB team. The New Jersey marketing firm asked questions to measure the popularity and fan loyalty of 122 team brands, and asked fans to identify up to three leagues they admired most from a list of 24 U.S-based sanctioning bodies.