‘Skins in rough situation, again

Dec 4, 2007 6:56 AM

The NFL starts early again this week, with the Redskins hosting the Bears on Thursday night. Coincidentally, both teams are coming off of heartbreaking losses. Both teams should have won their games, but due to the nature of the NFL, they both got beat.

The Washington club comes out as a 3 point favorite, and under normal circumstances they deserve the favorite role in this spot. However, due to the horrific murder of their defense back, Shawn Taylor, most of the team will be in a state of shock, because of their Monday’s attendance of his funeral in Florida. This leaves many confused minds with only two days of preparation for Thursday night’s game. My heart tells me to pull for the Redskins, but my head says, as unfortunate as it is, you’ve got to bet on the Bears.

A word of caution about the totals again — I remind you to investigate the cold, rain and snow in all games as its importance cannot be overlooked. Remember last week Pittsburgh and Miami just barely scored 3 total points in their game, as the weather was the prime factor in this outcome.

Speaking of totals, the Jacksonville game is too high, and the Lions game is too low. The Buccaneers are playing well, and they may be worth a play visiting Houston at a pick. The Giants plus 3 seems reasonable, although I don’t like Peyton’s brother going for me, but their defense may be able to win this game by themselves. If Seattle gets up to minus 7, the Cardinals would be a play, as they’ve come out at minus 6 and a half - tempting but not quite there yet.

We are an award-giving society, as we’re all aware of. Players of the year, coaches, sportsmen, offensive, defensive, Heisman, and the list goes on and on, with most improved, sixth man, All-Americans, etc.

Well, I could go on all day. Here’s one that will have you scratching your head: NFL Coach of the Year — Marty Shottenheimer. I know, I know, but look at his record of 14 wins and 2 losses during the regular season. Makes sense to me!

Speaking of coaches getting fired, as in the college football ranks, don’t you think Charlie Weis should be given an extension by Notre Dame to protect themselves from some school hiring him from right under their nose?

Is it possible that some sports books in Nevada are not putting a total up on the New England Patriots games? I hope my information is incorrect, as that would indeed be a colossal embarrassment to all of us. I am well aware of the parlay correlation of high point spread and over, or the plus points and under, but give me a break. The Eagles and Pats game was the dog and over, and all the correlation went down on that game. Come on guys, this is the NFL — the absolute life blood of the industry.

I will agree to one thing — the success of the NFL was built on parity, but this year is an aberration of all of Pete Rozelle’s philosophical concepts. Even I can pick the participants in this year’s Super Bowl, and so can all of you. Worse yet, we all could have done it at the mid-point of the season.

Incidentally, I forgot to mention that the general manager of the year in the NBA must be Danny "Houdini" Ainge, whose team, the Boston Celtics (as advertised) will win the East going away. Bookmakers in New England are looking for day jobs.

Joke of the week: The New York Knicks, who maintain one of the top payrolls in the NBA, scored 59 points in a regulation game last Thursday night. Other results from Thursday night showed Liberty (64), Mohave (67), Basic (69), Bonanza (79) and Spanish Springs (70), all local girls’ high school varsity basketball teams, with their scores in parenthesis.

What’s going on in college football? It’s almost unbelievable that numbers 1 and 2 in the BCS can lose on the same day. There have been so many major upsets this season I’ve decided to read "Denny the Dog’s" column from now on.

Have a great week!