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Time for concentration

Dec 11, 2007 2:04 AM
2-4 58-55 28-32-3

Oversights. I excel at those.

Take Miami-Buffalo: Bad enough the Dolphins are winless, but they have no desire to visit Buffalo in December. It’s cold in Buffalo and the Bills are sniffing a playoff berth. So does this wiseguy take the Bills? No.

Oakland-Green Bay: Dummy takes the Raiders. Now why would the Raiders be interested in visiting Green Bay in December? Green Bay wins 38-7. That’s pathetic.

NY Giants-Philadelphia: The choice was Eagles. Why? The Giants have made a living of winning ugly close games. Plus, they were getting three points. Philly as a favorite? It proved absurd with the 16-13 final in favor of the G-men.

So, it’s time to chug down some Mountain Dew and hope for some vision of NFL wisdom.

Here we go.

Saturday, Dec. 15

Bengals at 49ers (NT): Memories of two Super Bowl matchups. Now both teams are going nowhere. Boredom usually results in a low score. UNDER.

Sunday, Dec. 16

Lions +11 at Chargers: Lions blew a 13-point lead last week to Dallas and are toast. Plus, they stink on the road. San Diego comes off a come-from-behind win at Tennessee. The Lions will be meat on the hoof. CHARGERS.

Redskins +4½ at Giants: Washington is well-rested and feeling confident in Todd Collins. The Giants clinched their division in Philly and may ease up here. REDSKINS.

Packers -9½ at Rams: It’s silly to bet against Favre and the Packers. They are still chasing Dallas for the best record in the NFC. The Rams are dead in the water without a QB. PACKERS.

Ravens at Dolphins (37½): What could be worse than the heartbreaking loss to the Patriots? Losing to the Fish! Baltimore is rested, but lacking incentive. The Dolphins are so bad they may get enough points to get me interested. However, the total may be a better play. UNDER.

Colts -12½ at Raiders: SThe win at Baltimore came so easy for the Colts that they may take it easy in Oakland. Raiders do play a little better at home. RAIDERS.

Falcons +10 at Bucs: Tampa Bay returns home after a humbling road loss at Houston. The Bucs can clinch their division with a win. Atlanta comes off a Monday night game, meaning a short week to prepare. And, the Falcons are not good. BUCS.

Monday, Dec. 17

Bears +9 at Vikings: The Vikings on are on a mission and Adrian Peterson is the delivery man. The Bears have QB problems and a defense that has been overworked. Jackson is better each week at QB for Minny. VIKINGS.