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This ‘dawg’ had his day

Dec 18, 2007 4:15 AM
12-3 126-89-8 58.6

I’m not in the same Mangenius category as Eric Mangini, but I did try to warn you last week about the power of the home teams during the last month of the season.

The homies were 9-7 in Week 14 and followed up last Sunday with a strong 9-5 statement.

The real reason Eric Mangini is a Mangenius is simple. He figured out a way to cover the monstrous, three-touchdown spread the bookies hung up at New England.

I’m sure the big dog cover was more to do with expert coaching than it was with the nasty weather. Ok, maybe it was a little of both.

The dawgs were 7-7 after having their pants beat off for 4 straight weeks. The home puppies were 4-2.

Denny The Dog had his finest hour of the season, going 12-3. He hopes to grind out a couple more winning weeks before the nitty, gritty, money games kick off.

Steelers -8½ at Rams: It appears the Steelers have lost some mojo. The loss of DE Aaron Smith doesn’t help them one bit. Rams RB Steven Jackson ran for 143 yards on a tough Packers defense. He can be the equalizer and keep it close. RAMS.

Cowboys -10 at Panthers: It’s reported that Tony Romo jammed his thumb while playing in the Eagles game. I was hoping he tweaked it while playing around with Jessica Simpson. I’m sticking with the home team on a nationally televised game. PANTHERS.

Browns -3 at Bengals: The Browns have a stellar record when it comes to winning the money. Jamal Lewis is built for the cold, nasty weather. Cincy’s defense might be worse than the Brownies and Cleveland is ranked dead last! BROWNS.

Pack -6½ at Bears: Chicago beat the Pack 27-20 in Week 5. Now the Bears have gone through Grossman and Griese and turn their hopes to Kyle Orton. Good luck. How can you bet against grey beard, the all time leader in passing yardage? PACKERS.

Texans +8 at Colts: Houston is coming off consecutive home wins over Tampa Bay and Denver. They may be ready to take their much improved show on the road. It’s been two months since the Colts blew an opponent out at home. TEXANS.

Chiefs +4½ at Lions: Detroit has lost six straight. The Chiefs have them topped with seven in a row. The only real advantage in this game is home field. Looking on the bright side for both teams, Baltimore has lost eight straight. LIONS.

Dolphins +24 at Patriots: Take the Fish and pray for the winds to howl again. DOLPHINS.

Giants -3 at Bills: I smell another G-men collapse. I saw no urgency against Washington. Shockey’s break may be the final one the G-men can’t endure. QB Edwards, RBs Lynch and Jackson and the defense have been impressive for Buffalo. BILLS.

Raiders +11½ at Jaguars: The Jaguars are a team to be feared. They are crushing teams with aggressive defense and the bruising runs of Fred Taylor. David Garrard is playing nearly flawless at QB. JAGUARS.

Eagles +3 at Saints: The Philly win at Dallas had more to do with Romo’s thumb. I’m not going to get sucked onto the Eagles side after one impressive performance. The Saints appear to have dialed in their offensive game plan. SAINTS.

Redskins +4 at Vikings: Tavaris Jackson is starting to gain more respect from his fellow players. The Vikes are no longer a one-dimensional club that relies on a great running game. The Skins, other than last week, have struggled on the road. VIKINGS.

Falcons +10½ at Cards: It’s tough to watch the Falcons. I know Vick is behind bars, but it’s like the entire team is in jail. They should bring that gutless fraud Petrino back from Arkansas to finish out the nightmare season. CARDS.

Ravens +9 at Seahawks: Ray Lewis broke a finger in Miami. I believe that break along with the Fins upset might have snapped the Ravens spirit. Look for the losing streak to reach 9. SEAHAWKS.

Jets +8½ at Titans: I was proud of the Mangenius covering the big point spread in New England. But Maroney ran for over 100 yards and I think LenDale White will have even more success than he had in Kansas City last Sunday. TITANS.

Bucs -7 at 49ers: I like what I saw out of Shaun Hill versus the Bengals. Hill seemed to pick up the spirits of the entire team. Frank Gore, remember him, even managed to rush for over 130 yards. I like the home dog role. NINERS

Broncos +9 at Chargers: The Chargers routed the Broncos 41-3 in Denver in Week 5. San Diego has won four straight. Denver is 1-3 in its last four. But, I can’t trust the Bolts. I think Shanahan pulls out all stops to prevent another bloodbath. BRONCOS.