More snow say dogs

Dec 18, 2007 5:29 AM
2-4 58-55 28-32-3

Snow games are wonderful. They usually turn out to be the great equalizer for underdogs. Right, Jets?

Two weeks left in the regular season. Let’s get started.

Thursday, Dec. 20

Steelers -7½ at Rams: An NFL Network special. The cable telecast worked for the Niners and it can for St. Louis. The Steelers have declined over the last month and have a short week. RAMS.

Browns -3 at Bengals: Browns are going to the playoffs and Cincy is going going gone. BROWNS.

Raiders +13 at Jags: Oakland wants nothing to do with a cross-country trip, especially against a hot ballclub. Another 100-yard game for Fred Taylor. JAGUARS.

Falcons +10 at Cardinals: Birds of the same feather, except Arizona has a QB. CARDS.

Ravens +9½ at Seahawks: The Ravens want the season to end. Seattle needs to bounce back after loss at Carolina. SEAHAWKS.

Bucs -7 at 49ers: Tampa Bay has clinched its division and will rest some players. The 49ers like Hill at QB and have momentum from victory over Cincy. 49ERS.

Packers -7 at Bears: Green Bay can now rub it in on Chicago in this bitter rivalry. Favre is good for 3 TDs. PACKERS.