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Rolling on the Colorado River

Dec 24, 2007 2:39 AM

Carol, it is always fun to go down to Laughlin to play a little poker in our friend James Vincent’s poker room at the Colorado Belle on the Colorado river.

James is always our host when we can drop by and he always has something cooking in his little dining area in the poker room. This week it was lasagna!

Carol, you know that I like cornbread and beans and a little fat meat topped off with a cold glass of buttermilk, but as you are a transplanted Okie by way of Pittsburgh, I know that you were able to enjoy the fresh cooked lasagna.

But I did not take any chances and requested you to stop by Searchlight, a little Nevada town a few miles up the road, and enjoy the world’s only remaining 5-cent cup of coffee.

Searchlight is our senior Senator Harry Reid’s home town and I do not know if Searchlight is more famous for being the birthplace of the majority leader of the United States Senate or the 5-cent cup of coffee.

But to be politically correct, I will just say the 5 cent coffee is worth every cent and each of you can judge if senator Reid is worth a nickel or not!

Laughlin is a little bit like old Las Vegas and in the winter time all the snow birds come down from the bitter cold up north to spend several weeks with their campers and RV’s.

On Friday night in James’ poker room, it started off with a little no limit hold’em tournament.

James knows what his customers like; in addition to the lasagna he gives each of the poker players in his no limit tournament $10,000 in chips, so we can have a little fun with the game. There’s just a small buy-in of $65 — you can really get your Friday night poker fix!

Sure I was able to finish third, enough to buy a tank of gas and a tip for the dealer, but after the no limit tournament, we had a Wild West shoot out at the $10 and $20 with a half-kill, limit hold’em poker game.

This was a better game than I have found in Las Vegas on many a Friday night.

The dealers are all really friendly and every one of the snow birds know each other by their first names and some of them even remembered me dropping by last year.

But before we started the no limit tournament we enjoyed taking care of a little fund raiser for the Colorado River Food Bank!

For the past several weeks the poker players have been bringing by some canned goods for the needy of Laughlin, and the Colorado Belle gave a part of their poker earnings to help support this charity effort. The check to the charity this year was well over $5,000.

And, Carol, you represented our "The Seniors’ WCOP players really well when you presented a check for $500 from the poker players of the world, who contribute so unselfishly to "The Seniors" Charities, of which you are the driving force and the president of that wonderful charity funded by all the poker players in all the events where we host Seniors events.

You know that I mix a little business in with everything, so we arranged with James a little contest for The Best of the Best poker promotion: Each week in the poker room for the next few weeks, records will be kept and points awarded in the order of the poker players finish in each of the poker tournaments, and on January 30 the last of Caribbean Cruise Poker Challenge poker no limit tournaments will be held and all the winners will receive prizes!

The first place finisher will receive a cruise for two for one week on the Freedom of the Seas. Call the poker room at 702-298-4000 for complete details.

Yes, you guessed it, this is the same cruise that "Oklahoma Sarah" and I will be hosting and you can get all the details of the cruise by coming to our web site,

Yes, Carol, I will tell the folks that you are coming on the cruise as well and that you would love to play a few hands of poker with each of them.

OK-J Poker Tip of the Week

Most of the time when I play poker I do not really take notice of the dealer.

I do think that he or she is fair and honest, and that they are there to serve me and the other

poker players.

The dealer is just the mail man, sometimes he/she brings you good news and once in a while the bad news.

The mailman does not know what is in the letters that he brings to you.

The same is true of the dealer — he does not know if he is giving you a good or bad card.

My bible tells me that "The workman is worthy of his hire."

So at this Christmas time, remember the dealer and say thank you with a toke.

  Until next time remember to stay lucky.