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It was a year for really big shows!

Dec 24, 2007 3:18 AM

Celine Dion has left the building! As I’ve written in my columns over the last five years, she raised the bar for entertainers. The closing night was a star-studded event!!! English Garden Florists — the florist to the stars — imported eight thousand roses on closing night, 200,000 petals to be bestowed upon her stage.

David Filter and his staff worked relentlessly on this project and outdid himself with a plethora of roses to outdo any Hollywood production number from the Golden Age of musicals. Celine was sold out — all of her 5,000 seats — for this memorable moment in Las Vegas history.

Bette Midler will take the stage in February, along with the continuation of Elton John. And,rumor has it that Cher is about to sign on the dotted line any day now.

Celine’s revenue was phenomenal — $500 million in restaurants, memorabilia and everything that she brought in with her show. I saw the show 13 times and I want to thank Concerts West for always making me feel welcome at Caesars.

My good friend, Frankie Valli, has his Broadway smash, the Jersey Boys, opening at the new Palazzo — the Venetian’s newest venue. The Palazzo will be offering some of the finest cuisine this town has to offer. Speaking of cuisine, Las Vegas has been named the number one restaurant city for the finest food in the United States.

The masterpiece theater musical is The Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular at the Venetian. Rumor has it that Danny Gans is about to sign for 10 more years at The Mirage.

Flash! Flash! Flash! Harrah’s Entertainment is in the process of selling out at the highest amount ever $17.7 billion. More on this next week.

As I have been writing the last few weeks about Hollywood’s Bad Girls, which includes Lindsay Lohan, what happened with the 16-year-old sister of Britney getting pregnant? Jamie Lynn is in her first trimester.

Information has just hit my desk that her show, Nickelodeon, will be canceled due to ill-fitting costumes. Her Mommy was writing a book on parenting — perhaps it should have been on children having children. Britney’s out of her car — keyless, clueless and tankless (as in gas). What she does have is a bellyful of confusion and money, money, money!

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon — a match made in hell. Pam had filed for divorce (already cancelled) in a heartbeat away from the moment she was at the altar. Hollywood sure believes in the sanctity of marriage. Oh, dear, oh, dear, what can the matter be?

Paris is now doing humanitarian work and has turned over a new leaf. But always remember, her leaves are very green as in money, money, money!

Nicole Ritchie has a new baby, and a new life or new nannies? She seems to have changed her life around and we all wish her the best as a mother and lady.

Our town has lost another great entertainer, Sweet Louie, one of the original Checkmates. The Checkmates, along with The Treniers, the Mary Kaye Trio, and Louis Prima/Keely Smith were the acts that helped make Las Vegas the entertainment capital of the world. On any given night these groups were filling their respective lounges until all hours. Louie died "with his boots on," so to speak," rocking the boat doing his thing on a cruise ship.

I want to thank Terese DiMartino and Mimi Hines for helping with my small Christmas party, and Great Buns — Liz and the girls — for the yummy treats.

Last week I did a wedding (remember, I am an ordained reverend) at the Planet Hollywood chapel.

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

With my Blessings from Monti Rock III.