Week 17often weak

Dec 24, 2007 6:14 AM
1-3 58-55 36-37-3

The last week of the regular season creates the opportunity to show which teams have heart and which would rather pad stats and set up tee times.

Fantasy leagues don’t even deal with Week 17 because of all the unknowns. Who will start? Who will watch? Who needs this!

But, for bettors like us it doesn’t matter. What does is the ability to figure out the teams who care, from those who don’t. Some games will seem like preseason football. Others actually matter.

And, here’s our list.

Panthers at Bucs: Gruden will not want to enter the playoffs off a loss. Carolina is the perfect team to play around with. BUCS.

Steelers at Ravens: Baltimore is dead. Pittsburgh is very much alive, though the personality has probably changed from a run attack to the pass. That’s fine with Big Ben, who is playing his best ball in his career. STEELERS.

Chiefs at Jets: Two sad franchises waiting till next year. The Jets are at home, so they need to save some face. JETS.

Bengals at Dolphins: At first, I liked the Dolphins. Then I saw what Cincy did to Cleveland and what the Pats did to the Fish. Tuna has his work cut out. BENGALS.

Lions at Packers: Need we say again how brutal the Lions are on the road? Nope. Favre and the Pack feast on this carcass. PACKERS.

Saints at Bears: Last year this was the NFC Championship game. Now, who cares? Perhaps Orton after pounding the Packers last week. BEARS.

Rams at Cardinals: Once upon a time the St. Louis Rams were the Cardinals. Perhaps Arizona would trade franchises to restore the old St. Louis Cardinals. I’m rambling because the game means nothing, CARDINALS.