Best of 2007from memory

Dec 31, 2007 3:22 AM

Carol, I sure hope the New Year 2008 is as good as 2007. If it is, it sure is going to be a very, very happy one.

Here are just a few of the very good things from 2007.

I kind of hate to see it go, but you know honey that I always resist remodeling and change! But Carol, you did change things a little bit in 2007. I did not keep a list, but my memory is good.

First: You had the front lawn landscaping redone.

Next: You said we needed a new roof. I said wait a week until I win the money, then you can do it..

Next: You wanted to redo the guest room.

Next: You wanted to remodel the kitchen with the new appliances.

Next: You said our daughter "Oklahoma Sarah" would like to have her walk-in closet enlarged, a new electrical fireplace placed in her suite and a swimming pool in the backyard with a waterfall.

Next: You needed a new wood floor in the den, and the walls and the ceilings really should be torn out.

And: I think we need to redo the hearth, have the fireplace re-furbished and add some plasma TVs.

And: We will need new doors to match the floor and new poker tables like the ones at the Venetian!

And: I like those new chairs that the Orleans put in when they remodeled their poker room.

Next: In the Laundry room, we need those new stainless steel inside and out washer and dryer matching set along with a stainless steel water softener!

And: We should redo the cabinet doors and floor in the laundry room!

Next: We need some of that new concrete stamping.

Next: You wanted a misting fan arrangement connected to the outside fans for the back porch.

Next: You wanted to give our daughter "Oklahoma Sarah" her UNLV graduation gift of my old 2005 Mercedes!

Next: You said the new Jenny Craig diet is working.

Next: You said my doctor the Podiatrist wants me to get some special made shoes.

My New Years resolutions

First, win each time I sit down to play.

Second, let the dealer run the game:

Third, the best hand should get the money:

Fourth, dress appropriately, warmly and correctly.

Fifth, remember my mother’s teachings, to conduct myself as a gentleman, be cheerful and never have a baleful glare on my face.

Sixth, always remember to do unto other poker players what I would like to have other poker players do unto me!

Seventh, never ever lie to Carol about how much I win playing poker.

Eighth, always remember and tell all my poker playing friends that remodeling is always cheaper than a divorce.

Until next time remember to Stay Lucky!