Let’s bowl ’em over in 2008

Dec 31, 2007 5:34 AM

Well it’s 2008, and we only have 11 more bowl games to go. So everything else being equal it’s not too bad. We’ve already won a few and lost a few, but the good news is that I still have a few chips left, as I hope you do also. So let’s start spending them on Jan. 1 at 8 a.m.

Wisconsin vs. Tennessee -2½ O/U 59: As you know, I am anti-Big 10, so this selection is easy. I’m going to back "Houdini’s nephew," who happens to be the Tennessee quarterback, and hope he has some tricks up his sleeve. Score: Vols 31 to 20.

Arkansas vs. Missouri -3½ O/U 69: Arkansas has a new coach to go along with their two great running backs, but their defense may not be able to hold down a wide open spread offense, which against good opposition has averaged 40 points per game. If the Tigers get ahead, ARK can’t catch them with the run. So, I’ll gamble Mizzou will come out firing and cover the small spread. Score: Mizzou 43 to 24.

Michigan vs. Florida -10 O/U 59: The Mighty Gators have "Superman" (Tim Tebow) on their side and face the Wolverines with a new coach, which usually works against any bowl team. Michigan couldn’t stop the spread offense of Appalachian State, so how do you like their chances versus Clark Kent’s boys. Score: Florida 53 to 24.

Virginia vs. Texas Tech -5½ O/U 59: Nobody in the Big East throws the ball like the Red Raiders. They have no conscience and dare their opponents to blitz the quarterback, and that’s where they will get burned. The favorite’s line looks cheap for a team that has averaged 475 passing yards per game during the season. Score: Texas Tech 54 to 14.

Illinois vs. USC -14 O/U 50: Everybody talks about the USC offense with quarterback John David Booty, and their bevy of great running backs. But, it’s their defense that is undoubtedly as good as anybody in the country. A healthy Trojan team makes this Rose Bowl a mismatch. Score: USC 38 to 7.

Hawaii vs. Georgia -10 O/U 72: The Rainbows, behind quarterback Colt Brennan, score too many points to be a 10 point underdog. Offensively they can exchange points with anybody in the country; hopefully they can hold down a good Georgia team and keep this game close. Score: Georgia 41 to 40.

West Virginia vs. Oklahoma -8 O/U 63½: Prior to the decision of West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez to leave, I liked West VA in a close game. Now I think the Sooners will turn this game around by shadowing nifty quarterback White and make him a one-dimensional passer, as Pittsburgh did in their game beating them straight up as a 28 point underdog. Score: Oklahoma 42 to 21.

Kansas vs. Virginia Tech -3½ O/U 53: The Jayhawks’ schedule is suspect, and I look for VA Tech to eke out a low scoring victory. Playing "Beamer ball" they should give Kansas fits, as their special teams figure to cause at least a few turnovers. Score: VA Tech 20 to 13.

Ball State vs. Rutgers -10 O/U 60: Why in the world are these two teams playing after January 1? In the olden days the better the teams the later they played in the bowl games. Here are two 7-5 teams playing on January 5 in Canada no less. I just don’t get it, and I refuse to speculate on a score for them!

Bowling Green vs. Tulsa -4½ O/U 75: Much of the comments directly above apply to this contest also, except this game may be fun to watch, as the total score could be in triple digits. Score: Tulsa 48 to 41.

Ohio State vs. LSU -4½ O/U 49: I fell in love with LSU early in the season, and somehow they show up in the championship game with two losses. I only know one thing — they will end this season with the same two losses. Their athletes on defense will surely demoralize Ohio State. Score: LSU 20 to 12.

Next week to the NFL and NBA we go.

Two notes of interest: Number one: Mercury Morris, you are now on our street, signed Bill Belichick.

Number two: To Don Perignon warehouse, please cancel my order, signed Don Shula.

Have a great week!