On to Tampa!

Dec 31, 2007 6:48 AM
3-1 58-55 41-39-3

You knew the Patriots were going all out for 16-0, but credit the Giants for not rolling over and waiting for Tampa Bay this week.

New England’s 38-35 victory kept the perfect season alive and reaffirmed its status as the team to beat for the Super Bowl. Let’s remind everyone though that the Indianapolis Colts are the defending Super Bowl champs and off a not so shabby 14-2 season.

As for the Giants, the question will posed all week whether they have anything left for Tampa Bay after a Herculean effort against New England when they blew a 28-16 lead.

The AFC (aka New England) is currently a 13½ point favorite to beat the NFC in the Super Bowl. There are, however, playoff games to be played. Although the Patriots and Cowboys will be favored to meet in Glendale, nothing yet has been determined.

The first step comes with the Wild Card games.

Giants at Bucs: Either the G-men will come into Tampa thinking they are as good as the Patriots or flatter than a pancake. New York was 7-1 on the road, which will give the Bucs something to think about. The Bucs are equally tough at home and their pressure defense is the type that gives Eli Manning trouble. The Giants lead the NFL in sacks. Expect a fierce defensive battle. UNDER.

Jaguars at Steelers: Assuming Pittsburgh doesn’t pass San Diego in the seedings, this is the matchup. And, we like Jacksonville. Pittsburgh is without top RB Willie Parker. Jacksonville has the two-headed monster of Taylor and Jones-Drew, who combined to run the ball down Pittsburgh’s throat in Week 15. Nothing should have changed. JAGUARS.

Redskins at Seahawks: It could be the Vikes, but we’re guessing Redskins. If so, we like the heart of Washington. Todd Collins has done a solid job at QB and the team has come together.Seattle is beatable. REDSKINS.

Browns/Titans at Chargers: It would be nice if Cleveland made it so that Kellen Winslow Jr can perform where his dad starred. Otherwise, San Diego will atone for last year’s first round collapse that ended Marty ball in favor of Norv. CHARGERS.