Vegas had a semi Happy New Year

Jan 7, 2008 3:54 AM

New Year’s Eve brought out the best and the worst.

The names are all well-known. I can’t really call them stars, just that they happen to be recognizable for their actions.

Paris Hilton and her sister, Nicky, received a reported $500,000 for showing up at Lax at the Luxor and Pamela Anderson reportedly earned a mere $125,000 at Pure.

Mariah Carey was at Ciao. I wonder how much they paid her?

Why are the clubs paying all this money? It doesn’t sound like it was worth it. The bottom line for many of the clubs fell into the minus column this year. How many 21 to 30 year olds can support the $600 bottles of champagne and $300 bottles of liquor.

Maybe they should try to attract the 31-50 year olds, who have more money to spend. Maybe next New Year’s Eve the clubs will recognize true talent. After all, yours truly is already here and I am known as the host with the most.

The new 40-40 Club at the Palazzo opened with host Jay-Z and the beautiful Beyonce — no, they’re not married. Also spotted at the 40-40 and at Lax were professional athletes of the basketball world. We all welcome these athletes when they behave like ladies and gentlemen.

Las Vegas nightlife may have too many ultra lounges, Filling these clubs nightly is not easy. This is Las Vegas, not Hollywood.

Broadway mega-hits are only doing mediocre business, except for Mama Mia, which, incidentally closes this year. The Producers closes shortly, and we don’t really know the fate of Spamalot.

Phantom was once again named one of Las Vegas’ best shows. Rumors have it that Gordie Brown will soon close at The Venetian. This mega-resort has Jersey Boys, a Broadway smash, opening in April. It is the story and music of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. We really need more star power. Real stars don’t need all those special effects, etc. to entertain us. Note how many Strip performers are moving to the locals hotels. For example, Dana Carvey and Engelbert Humperdinck are headed to the Orleans.

Downtown we have the Gangster Museum, the Caveman show, Rich Little at the Golden Nugget and several music clubs along Fremont Street. There is talk of Charo coming back to this area. We need people like Charo, a multi-talented pro. We also have Wes Winter at the Liberace Museum. The Michito Latin orchestra gives the salseros what they want — great music to dance to each Thursday at the South Point

We all know Bette Midler is opening at the Colosseum, alternating with Sir Elton John. Hopefully Cher will come on board. We have Barry Manilow and his screaming fans continuing at The Hilton. Donny and Marie Osmond will be at The Flamingo beginning in July and, of course, all of The Cirque Shows including the new Criss Angel show at the Luxor.

 Danny Ganz at The Mirage and Lance Burton at the Monte Carlo will continue their shows. But where are the new mega-stars? Where are the lounges and lounge acts which made Las Vegas what it is? Where are showgirls? We still have Jubilee, The Follies and Les Femmes and Fantasy. Also check out X Burlesque at the Flamingo.

I went through last year watching Britney (she’s hospitalized again), Lindsay, Paris, Mischa (in and out of rehab), Pamela (in and out of marriages probably ending up again with Tommy Lee), I wonder which was the worst. And don’t forget the NBA catastrophy!

In closing, I’d like to say a few words about the wonderful Pudgy. To me she was Don Rickles in a dress. We met in Miami when her son was an infant. This consumate comedienne could insult her audience, which loved it and sing with the best of them. Her funeral service showed how Las Vegas does a send-off — best flowers, speeches and standing room only. Pudgy, we love you and will miss you.

For those of you who are getting married in 2008, remember The Rev Monti Rock III performs "Million Dollar Weddings".