An ‘elegant’ 7-11 keno ticket

April 16, 2001 4:03 AM


While last week’s ticket was a classic 7 way 10, this week features a little known but elegant 7 way 11. I have played this ticket on many occasions, and have had pretty fair luck with it, hitting a few 9 out of elevens, and plenty of 8 and 7 out of elevens. The eleven spot ticket itself is similar to the eight spot in frequency of wins and high end payouts. It’s not a bad ticket.

To mark this ticket, select 15 likely numbers, and circle 3 groups of 3, and 4 groups of 2, as illustrated at right. This ticket’s construction has a certain elegance about it. I call it a "criss-cross" ticket, in that all the groups of threes combine with each individual two spot to form 4 of the 11’s, while all the groups of twos combine with each individual three spot to form the remaining 3 way 11. It is because of the "criss-cross" that all the groups come into play multiple times on the ticket, with each group of three figuring into 5 different ways, and each group of two figuring into 4 different ways. Thus winning on the ticket is not dependent on any particular groups, as is the case with many way tickets.

It is tempting to cover the nine spot (3-3-3) and the eight spot (2-2-2-2) for "insurance" just in case you get a good hit on either grouping and hit nothing on the other grouping to go with it. The trouble is, the computerized Keno system will not let you do this because there is in reality a 13 way 9 and a 13 way 8 on the ticket! If you want to "insure" just the straight nine and eight, you will have to do so on separate tickets.