Understanding the basics of Singer Play Strategy

Apr 16, 2001 4:09 AM

Because of the number of requests I get asking how I’m able to win at video poker, this week’s column feature’s my basic play strategy as I developed it.

I believe there is no one strategy or system - mathematical or not - of any kind that will allow the masses to win more than they will lose. The Singer Play Strategy recognizes this, and offers individuals a baseline alternative to the losing they constantly experience without the presence of extreme luck. And keep in mind: this is a visit-by-visit strategy. It is designed for the way we ALL play, because everyone wants to win as often as possible.

If you are of the belief that a losing casino visit is acceptable because you’ll be all right in some obscure long run timeframe since you feel you are mathematically superior to a video poker computer, you are in extreme need of help.

Attempting to predict the future in this manner is of no value if you are serious about being successful. People want to win TODAY.

Although losing is sometimes a way of life with casino games, unlike in long-term strategy, it is not an acceptable option here. Welcome to the real world!

The Singer Strategy

Rule 1: I must be comfortable where and how I choose to play. My mind must be cleared. I only gamble alone when I play for profit. I never play on someone else’s time schedule. My willpower & determination switches are turned ON.

Rule 2: I take $17,200 as my minimum bankroll on each trip, and my baseline denomination is dollars. ($17,200 = 400 credits each of dollars/$2/$5/$10/$25). Anyone may take any amount, based on what they are comfortable with, and their individual limits & goals. Starting at nickels, for instance, that’s $760 in 5c/10c/25c/50c/dollars.

Rule 3: I set an overall financial win goal of $2500 per trip. A lesser goal or smaller base denomination requires less bankroll. And vice-versa. NOTE: For those of you who feel mathematics is not a part of this strategy, I originally established a goal of $3,000, but several mathematicians advised lowering it to its present level after convincing me with a number of theoretical calculations and situations.

Rule 4: I am prepared to first play 100 credits on BP, then 300 credits DB, DDB, or TBP. Playing progressives of any amount are fine, and recommended if available. They are completely acceptable in this strategy. Play on a multi-game machine, or change machines at any time. The new multi-game/multi-denominational coin-less machines are tailor-made for this type of play. I always cash out as soon as I am at least 40 credits ahead on BP. I pocket it, and then begin again.

If the initial 100 credits are lost on BP, regardless of how many 40+ profits were cashed out and pocketed, I begin play on advanced bonus machines (DB/DDB/TBP), playing up to 300 credits. Again, I cash out anytime 40+ credits are realized, and begin again until at least 140 credits are accumulated, with a minimum of 40 to be pocketed and never risked, along with 100 to make up for the initial 100 credits lost on BP. Having recovered my loss, I begin again.