Thanks Palazzo, but spare me the red carpet

Jan 14, 2008 3:15 AM

It was amazing. One minute I’m invited to the grand opening of the Palazzo and the next minute I’m uninvited. The Palazzo Las Vegas, Barney’s New York and the shops at the Palazzo. That’s what the invitation read.

I love Dawn Britt from the Palazzo Public Relations and I explained to her that I don’t do Red Carpets. I’m a journalist, a columnist, the Full Monti. I’ve written about the Jersey Boys coming to the Palazzo. It’s been an on-going theme since it was first released, but for reasons unexplained (I’m not sure if it’s the show or the Palazzo!) they seem to think they don’t need the local press.

Being a star watcher I went to the Suncoast to see Rita McKenzie in Ethel Merman’s Broadway which is a celebration of her 100th anniversary.

Now for those of you who don’t know, I was once a part of the New York theater elite. Yes, I saw Ethel Merman in Gypsy, Call Me Madam and Hello Dolly. There’s truly no business like show business when it comes to Broadway.

Following Rita McKenzie’s show at the Suncoast, Rita hosted a small gathering at her suite. Lo and behold the fabulous Gennifer Flowers was there. Gennifer closed her club in New Orleans and has returned to Las Vegas full of fun and big news about what she’s planning here.

 My wonderful and talented Mimi Hines was there as was Freda Payne. Freda’s been promoting her tribute to the late jazz great Ella Fitzgerald. She hails from the Broadway scene, too. I saw her on Broadway in Sophisticated Lady. Talent was over-flowing at the Suncoast that evening.

 As mentioned previously, locals hotel/casinos, have realized the value of the establlished stars of yesterday and yesteryear such as Don Rickles, Kenny Rogers, Englebert Humperdinck, Gladys Knight, Dana Carvey, George Carlin and Sinbad.

Jackie Baskow helped bring us the star-studded event that took place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center to aid Missing and Abused Children, Guests included Blair Underwood (Dirty, Sexy Money), my old friend Alice Cooper and Ed Ross of Six Feet Under just to name a few. The event itself made the evening for me. Hooray to you Jackie Bascow!

Maybe the powers that be should address that thought.

Michael Jackson has been seen in Las Vegas shopping with his children and a visit to Madame Tussauds.

Over at the Luxor I had a wonderful dinner at the new Cathouse. I was there working on my film with Michael Piehl. The documentary, He Knows He’s Fascinating, The Monti Rock Story.

Let’s talk about the Luxor. Felix Rappaport has changed the hotel to make it more inviting and more appealing to the younger crowd. From Club LAX to Cathouse to Criss Angel, who by the way is everywhere. Criss Angel is part of the Cirque team. Not to be bad, but let’s be real. We have Cirque here, Cirque there and Cirque just about everywhere. Wonder what they did before they hit Las Vegas?

At a luncheon on Thursday at the Wynn property I spotted a very elegant Steve Wynn with his bodyguards. Must say Steve was looking quite fit. While at the Wynn, Monti enjoyed a shopping spree. Shop, shop, shop! It’s good to be the Rock.

 The wonderful Rita Rudner had a reading this past Monday of a play called Room 776. Rita Rudner with Bobby Slayton from Hooters.

 The Society of Seven is on hiatus but will return to the Flamingo sometime in February. I recently spoke to Tony in Hawaii and he’s assured me the Society of Seven will be back with a brand new show, adding Martin Rivera to this wonderfully talented group. I love the Society of Seven.

The Golden Globes and the People’s Choice awards... ho hum. No one will cross the picket lines. Guess this means no red carpet, too. This columnist is tired of the red carpet scene except, of course, for Joan Rivers. We won’t get to hear Joan’s explanation of Blackwell’s Worst Dressed nominee, Victoria Beckham.

I like Victoria’s style, it’s over the top, but so am I!

With no Golden Globes and no People’s Choice awards we have to return to regular television which has very little to offer. Any kind of a television special would be special these days. Let’s hope the writers strike is settled soon. It’s a cost to everyone and especially to Hollywood.

Two weeks ago I wrote about Danny Gans signing for 10 more years at the Mirage. What a guy!

I also said Barry Manilow had signed for extended years but with less shows at the Hilton and Toni Braxton might extend her contract at the Flamingo. I predict the hit of the season will be Jersey Boys. What about Gordie Brown at the Venetian?

The King, Elvis Presley, would have been 73 years old this week. Another surreal connection for me. I used to work the Red Velvet in West Hollywood when Elvis, Jayne Mansfield and Bobby Darin would come in to see this young performer with a Band of Gold. Hollywood, Elvis, Las Vegas.

There’s been a lot of buzz in town about Marie and Donny Osmond coming to the Flamingo, thanks to producer Chip Lightman. Word is the deal isn’t completed and nothing has been signed as of this date. Remember, in Las Vegas you’re hot one moment and cold the next.

Our favorite lady candidate for President, Hillary Clinton was in town. Run Hillary, run. I’m sure her entourage included her make-up artist and hair stylist. And to think we only have one more year of political campaign! The debates will go on and on and on. I’d like to ask some real questions, like about my own economy.

What is the status of the bloggers? We have Steve what’s his name in one corner and Paris Hilton in another. They say they might find a club here. Please, don’t bother.

Gino Vanelli is back at the Flamingo on Feb. 22-23. Also in February at the Flamingo will be John Edwards. Who might he be speaking to?

Weddings on the decline! The War of Chapels has cost Las Vegas many weddings, but there also has been a decline nationally. Some say, the high cost of living, gasoline, etc. have contributed. However--Monti Rock’s Million Dollar Weddings are still available.

C’mon kids, let The Reverend Monti tie the knot for you!