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Why romp-thru-town strategies are superior to any other

Jan 14, 2008 3:46 AM

Years ago when I discovered that playing optimal-play/long-term "advantage" video poker "for an edge" was as flawed and full of holes as the reasons given by those trying to sell it to us, I almost gave up playing for good.

It is true most people can’t, and not being a quitter at anything, I chose a different route.

I began developing a different type of strategy based on mathematics, discipline and common sense. It utilized a unique form of progression in that it not only increased in denomination as I lost — it increased in game volatility as well. Combined with these was an advantage much maligned by those who can’t see beyond 1+1 = 2: It’s a very complex risk analysis in the short term for those hands that had the opportunity to score big wins.

Thus began my professional playing career, and over $800,000 in "clean profit" later (i.e., profit derived directly from the machines without cash back, comps, gifts or any other kind of fluff to brighten up the score). I can look back and see just what my choice has meant.

That particular play strategy led to the development of several other successful but less stressful and generally less profitable strategies. Not that they aren’t consistent winners, but they do not utilize the same higher limits for the most part. And not surprisingly, the new strategies have generated the most interest among players.

If you stop and think about it, most regular players come to town to play for a few days with a set amount of money for that trip only. The locals usually go in to play with whatever they have.

We’re typically not talking about high stakes here either, so when video poker enthusiasts hear about my new Romp-Thru-Town and Advanced Romp-Thru-Town play strategies, a lot of interest is generated.

The first thing they discover is I do not sell strategy. It’s always available for free to anyone who either visits my site or contacts me. I’ll even take the time — and for many that’s been several hours or more — to chat with players, talk to them on the phone, and/or meet with hundreds of them in an effort to do what I can to help them out.

Once they get over the shock that I’m not in this to take money from their pockets and put it into mine, it all begins to make sense. When they realize I always do what I say I’m going to do in my correspondence with them, that leads to trust. I can think of no better way to lay the groundwork to help others in gambling.

While my Single Play strategy is a strict regimen of multiple denominations, Bonus Poker and certain/specific Advanced Bonus Poker games along with strategic ratios between denominations incorporating various complex steps and disciplines, Romp-Thru-Town (RTT) strategy is relatively and comparatively simple in its approach.

Because of its overall simplicity, it has proven to be the best opportunity for fun and profiting for those who choose to play often — whether or not they play the higher limits. For me, it doesn’t have quite the same success rate as my original strategy, but I’m sure if you told any math guru you’re winning at better than a 75 percent clip, they’d probably say you’re dreaming.

The beauty of RTT for players is in its versatility. I myself change its parameters all the time. It requires playing at least four levels, but at times I’ve played up to seven. I won’t start at less than quarters, but players can begin at pennies if they want and it makes no difference.

 As in all of my strategies, I play patiently and wait for that one big hit or multiple moderate hits to arrive — and I give certain dealt hands the best opportunity to do that by deviating from expert play strategy at the proper times. It is also very important not to set your win goals too high. I set a limit at no more than 5 percent of my session bankroll, and if you’ve suffered because of your own greed in the past you do know what I mean.

I’ve modified my version of RTT over the past two years, and a normal session might look like this. Session bankroll of $8,000; Mini-win goal of $10, meaning any time at least $10 in profit is attained you start over until you reach your session win goal; Session win goal of $400, and if you know anything about RTT you know many of the wins will be much higher than that; 5-levels of play beginning at 25 cents thru $5.

On quarters I’ll play 50 credits on 25c Bonus Poker (BP) and 50 credits on 25c Double Double Bonus Poker DDB (Super Double Bonus Poker and Triple Bonus Poker plus are preferred if available). On 50c it’s 50 credits on BP and 100 credits on DDB; on $1 it’s 100 credits on BP and 100 credits on DDB; on $2 it’s 100 credits on BP and 200 credits on DDB; and on $5 it’s 100 credits on BP and 300 credits on DDB.

As you can see, in RTT you’re progressing not only in denomination, but in credit volume and game volatility as well. And all the while you’re shooting for just a $10 win. Where my Single Play strategy is complex to play and complex to keep score at times, this one’s simplified the effort. And it’s FUN!

So if you’re tired of losing to optimal-play only strategy while banging away endlessly for hour after hour on the same denomination machines, then try matching your gaming bankroll to RTT. Let me know if you’re having trouble putting it all together and I WILL help you.

And, once you feel comfortable fitting RTT to your particular set of circumstances, you may want to check out my Advanced Romp-Thru-Town strategy. I’ll go over that one in detail next week. It’s probably my favorite of the bunch, and it has its own unique set of rules. Good luck!