Can NFL get any wackier?

January 15, 2008 5:56 AM


Wow! Four games this past week and all of them were exciting (due to the point spreads and the totals) and totally unusual on their conclusions. Let’s take the first game with Seattle at the Packers: Would you have liked your Packer bet back after the Seahawks went out to a 14-0 lead? For those of us that got 7½ points we began counting our winnings mid-way in the first quarter. How about those of us that went over the total when we stared at the set and saw all the snow sticking? Slipping and sliding and scoring at will — how was that possible?

In the Patriots game they came so close to covering the point spread at the end of the game I definitely would have surrendered for half of my investment. In all my years I’ve never seen a quarterback throw with the accuracy of Tom Brady. He throws 7-foot high line drives with such precision and regularity that it reminds me of watching Michael Jordan play in his prime.

The Chargers game featured injuries to their three best offensive players as QB Rivers got hurt and sat out, all-world L.T. couldn’t play the second half and the best tight end in football, Antonio Gates, was walking wounded the entire day. They still scored 28 points and beat the Colts straight up, much to my surprise and remorse.

That leaves only one legitimate game and a 7½ point underdog wins straight up.

This league is impossible to predict as these four super enjoyable games proves out.

To put a lid on the wacky NFL in the AFC final the Pats came out as a 14½ to 15-point favorite. If you put a gun to my head I couldn’t lay that number, but due to Charger injuries it may be too low, as the Pats will show no mercy against a really wounded team. Please wait for your selection, as without an offense that can hold the ball for the Chargers the defense will buckle in the second half.

The Giants are facing the Green Bay weather, and especially the wind will be important on the total as well as the point spread. I think the number will favor Green Bay by about a touchdown or so, and my opinion is such that I’d rather have a Favre going for me than a Manning if his first name isn’t Payton.

My lovely wife and I got married in 1958, which seems now to be a full lifetime away. I can’t even remember being single. But as we’re in almost our 50th year perhaps I can share with you some of our secrets of success. Mind you I can only publish the male side of the success story and perhaps as we draw closer she will write a column of the female side.

The following acts are not necessarily in the order of importance, but they’re my Top Ten, in deference to David Letterman.

1. Always put the seat down as most women think that’s a very thoughtful act on your part. You must be very diligent and consistent as one dunking may indeed be remembered for the rest of your life.

2. Regardless of the occasion never send flowers to your loved one. She will immediately reason infidelity.

3. When buying clothing for her always get the product one size smaller. Never and I mean never get the proper size; let her sneak back into the store and exchange it. Always leave the receipt in a conspicuous place so as she can accidentally discover it.

4. If you make a score financially — hide it.

5. Lie to her every day. Some common remarks should be "your hair looks great," "our dinner was the best you ever made," "the house looks so tidy," "what a great job you did raising the kids" (say the last one even if the kids are in jail).

6. Watch her favorite programs and pretend you’re interested.

7. Try to get her interested in sports so you can both watch the football games. Always tell her you made a small bet on the over and that may hold her interest.

8. Always let her open any packages you receive, even if they are addressed to you. Women love surprises!

9. The one and maybe only non-restriction in the household that the male partner is allowed is the TV remote control. Never relinquish this power, as women enjoy advertisements and a man’s man constantly changes channels to avoid them.

10. And remember the two most significant words in the English language — "Yes, dear."

In a recent study taken by UNLV’s International Gaming Institute it was stated that only about 3.7% of Nevadans gamble on the Internet. True that a sample of 1,000 residents surveyed may not be enough to get a really accurate count, but if in fact it is, then using my distorted mathematical genius I must know them all and I haven’t been up to the Reno area in 10 years. Give me a break guys. If you were asked the question what would you answer?

More Nevada dollars are going out the back door than will ever come through the front door and we don’t get a cent of it for our schools, roads and programs to benefit our residents. Simply put, we probably get 3.7% of the sports gambling in this country and could get it all if we were to wake up to the facts.

Have a great week!