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Hey Diana, is voice real or Memorex?

Jan 29, 2008 12:48 AM

The grand opening of Sheldon Adelson’s Palazzo has been a topic of this column the last few weeks. Following the grand opening last week rumors have been rampant.

First, my spies who attended were not very impressed. Diva Diana Ross was headliner for the grand opening. Diana and I go back some 30 years when I was a Baby Diva. This was back in the day when I cruised the Hollywood Hills in my Mercedes and way before I became Disco Tex.

Diana was always gracious and divine to Montela in those days. But girl, what happened? Was it really lip-synching? I made a lot of hit records in my day, but I could never sing on track because I’m what you might call a spontaneous performer. Did she put up the big screens so everyone could read her lips?

I hear Diana was also a no-show for the meet and greet following her performance. Doesn’t exactly sound like a great start to the latest addition on the Strip.

The Jersey Boys will open at the Venetian in April. There was a small preview for the show with the Andy Garcia band. Remember him? I always thought of him as an actor. However, Andy is a big, big fan of Cuban music, especially Cuban Dance. Guess he’s multi- talented like so many of us, right?

At the top of that list would be Wayne Brady at the Venetian who sings, dances, and does improvisations about as good as anyone you’ll ever see. It’s no wonder Wayne’s show continues to do big business.

Gordie Brown has had a good run at the Venetian but will be leaving sometime in February. Rumor has it that he’ll be getting a new venue at the Palazzo. Both the Venetian and the Palazzo are Adelson’s creations and it could be that he has a point when it comes to the local media.

After all, the local media is just the local media. But with more than 3,000 rooms, 19 restaurants and three or four new shows opening, the media is needed. We are well- read. Enough said.

One of the latest entertainment phenomenons, 15-year-old Miley Cyrus, was sold out, sold out, sold out at the MGM Grand Arena. Her show Hannah Montana has been a sellout with every appearance. A little sidebar here: Her father Billy Ray Cyrus was once considered a one-hit-wonder with his song "Achy Breaky Heart," but I was just considered a wonder with my song "Achy Steaky Heart." Don’t laugh.

 Yours truly was an upcoming country singer, but I gave it up because I looked too much like Tammy Wynette. Seriously though, Miley is really a very sweet girl and, with Billy Ray nearby, she’ll avoid falling in the steps of so many other young entertainers.

The Amazing Johnathan has pulled the plug at the Sahara. He’s had a long run here in Las Vegas. Johnathan is teaming up with another favorite of mine, Anthony Cools, to open a club and a theater. Stay tuned for new developments. Cools is currently appearing at Paris Las Vegas.

David Saxe has the FabFour Mania, a Beatles show, and Trent Carlini, aka Dream King Elvis Presley at the Sahara. David is also producing the award-winning Broadway smash Toxic Audio which opened Jan. 26 at the Miracle Mile.

Other Las Vegas columnists have been writing about magician David Copperfield having two children. Is he still being investigated? Altovese Davis, widow of Sammy Davis Jr. is suing Sammy’s former management team for the rights to the Sammy Davis story. Go "get ’em" Altovese!

The Flamingo continues to draw its share of entertainment seekers with the likes of comedian George Wallace and the beautiful songs of Toni Braxton. One might say the Flamingo was well-rounded regarding the current shows. In addition to the comedy of Wallace and vocal renditions of recording artist Braxton, there’s even X Burlesque. I told you it was well-rounded.

The wonderful Denise Clemente will be opening at Arizona Charlie’s-Decatur this week and will move on to Arizona Charlie’s-East for two more weeks. Off Broadway’s award winning Toxic Audio is opening at Planet Hollywood’s V Theater, which also houses V-The Ultimate Variety Show.

Internationally recognized comedian-ventriloquist Ronn Lucas continues his successful run at The Luxor with good, clean, intelligent comedy suitable for patrons age 5 and older. Liberace Museum will present a 21st anniversary of Liberace’s final curtain through the month of February,

If you’re headed for downtown, be sure to check Caveman at the Golden Nugget. It continues to do unbelievable business. Also the Golden Nugget’s latest addition to Las Vegas night lights is the Gold Diggers, which is having an exclusive grand opening Feb. 6.

The fabulous and talented Freda Payne will appear at the Charleston Heights Art Center on Feb. 10. For anyone who likes vocals and music produced by such icons as Berry Gordy, Jr., Quincy Jones and Duke Ellington, Payne’s tribute to the late great jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald is an event for a great night of entertainment. Tickets are on sale for $10. The phone number is 229-6383 and tell them Monti Rock III said to call.

The countdown is truly on while the Coliseum at Caesars Palace is being revamped for the Bette Midler opening in February. The Coliseum may never be the same. Bette will be welcomed with open arms and her show will surely be another talk of the town event. The Divine Miss M always comes up with big and fabulous surprises.

Let’s hope the Screen Actors Guild settles so that we can have the Academy Awards show go on. We don’t need all those gowns and jewels going unseen.

Just in: We were at the opening night performance of Hats at Harrah’s. The audience just about stole the show with all those 50-plus ladies in their stunning red hats. Hats, after a bit of tuning up, will be an entertaining hit like Menopause is at the Hilton.

Regarding the fire on the top floor of Monte Carlo in the luxury suites, luckily there were no injuries. Brings back horrible images of MGM fire to many.

Gordie Brown will end 1½-year run at the Venetian on March 13.

Gordie hopes to eventually return in a new room at The Palazzo or The Venetian.