Patriotic to NYG

Jan 29, 2008 4:20 AM
0-0 147-109-9 57.4

I’m growing tired of the Patriots’ act.

No, not the Patriot Act. Not the one that protects our country by making it difficult for terrorists to continue harmful activities. I’m OK with that act.

And, I don’t mean the Patriot act that Bill Belichick committed in Week 1. You remember, the one where Bill interpreted the Patriot Act as the authorization of New England coaches to monitor and videotape opponents’ hand signals without a warrant.

And, in Belichick’s defense, the one where he also thought they could actually bring the cameras onto the opposing sidelines during the game as long as in his mind, time was of the essence and the outcome of a game was in peril.

No, I’m not upset with that particular Patriot act either. NFL commish Roger Goodell took care of that act with a steep fine and a couple of lost draft picks. Hey, according to many, including the legendary Cowboys’ coach, Jimmy Johnson, nearly every coach was videotaping anyway.

It’s the Patriots’ perfect act that’s causing me nausea. My stomach turns a little more sour as each day leading up to super Sunday presents itself with more and more perfect Patriots’ hype.

New England has been perfect since Week 1, 18-0. Unblemished and unbeaten. Unless you’re a true-blue, die-hard Patriots’ fan, you have to admit, all the perfection is starting to get to you. Well, isn’t it?

There’s no doubt Belichick was steamed after getting caught and penalized for the league violation. But he used it to his advantage and the team rallied around him. It’s been the "one game at a time" mentality ever since. And I’ll be damned if Bill doesn’t remind us about that state of mind at every press conference. He’s even trained his players to regurgitate the same dopey line.

I’m a little sick of that act too.

But you have to admit the Pats have been on a mission since Day One. They went out and got the best free agents money could buy. Adalius Thomas was the biggest name at the time. But a little fellow named Wes Welker has made a huge contribution as well.

Darn it all. They have the best players by far. They have the best receivers, led by Randy Moss. Heck, the guy never ran a pass route 100 percent or blocked downfield once while he was with the Raiders. The Pats’ defense may be getting a tad old, but they have the smartest defenders.

And they have the best QB. No one, and I mean no one, is better than Tom Brady right now. Three Super Bowl rings, hundreds of TD passes. Forget about it! He dates Hollywood actresses for lunch and then moves on to Victoria Secret models for dinner. Brady’s da man! Unless you have alliances to the Boston area, the act is getting pretty hard to take.

The Pats are so flawless that there’s absolutely nothing to write or talk about except for the minute by minute monitoring of the Mr. Perfect. Brady’s limping at a workout in Foxboro. OK, the team has deplaned in Phoenix and Brady is not limping.

Before that time, it was Tom in New York on his day off and walking with a limp toward his girlfriend’s apartment. His foot is in a boot, flowers in hand. Is Brady limping or are the flowers limp?

Then, once the Pats started practicing it was OK. Where is Brady? He’s not at practice. What is his condition? Is there a chance Mr. Perfect is not in perfect condition? The entire hoopla around this guy and this team is driving me insane.

This final score prediction might be a little hard to take if you’re a New England fan. Read it quick and it should only hurt for a minute or two. Although the line has been knocked down to 12 since opening at 14, I believe the money will start flowing in for the perfect Pats sometime before kickoff. Hang in there and take the points. You might even want to slip in a little money line wager.

I’m refreshed by the New York Giants’ act because they’re the type of team Denny The Dog is constantly on the hunt for every week. The G-men are the epitome of a "live" underdog in nearly every way. You have to be impressed with the marvelous accomplishment of 10 straight wins away from home. The Giants only won three games at the Meadowlands the entire season.

The New York homies have been trying to run Tom Coughlin out of town for as long as I can remember. He was the worm in the Big Apple and they wanted him out. Tom had never won a playoff game until this year.

 The boo birds were also out for Eli Manning. Sports Illustrated rated him No. 23 on it’s preseason QB rating list. The fans wanted him run as well. Peyton’s younger brother turned the ball over too much. He didn’t protect the ball. He was no good at crunch time.

Manning couldn’t even get a break from ex-Giant Tiki Barber, who went on national radio and questioned his leadership skills.

Hey, much of the Manning and Coughlin criticism was justified. I was right there nodding my head in agreement with Tiki and all the other Manning critics. But I absolutely love it when an underdog answers his critics. And that’s exactly what Eli did at the end of the regular season.

Manning took the Pats to the brink of disaster on Week 17. Then he went into Tampa Bay and was perfect. He went to Dallas and outplayed Tony Romo.

More to prove? It was on to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field where he got the best of future Hall of Famer Brett Favre. The Giants established a devastating 1-2 punch with Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw. And Manning took control. All the fumbles and interceptions stopped and the quick and correct reads didn’t!

Plaxico Burress also symbolizes what this Giants’ team has accomplished. He battled an ankle injury the entire season. Most weeks he couldn’t practice and only went out on the field when the game was on the line. He produced in much the same way as the team did, by scratching and clawing their way into the playoffs.

The Giants will be going for an NFL record 11 straight road wins. The Patriots will try for an unprecedented 19-0 season. They will also be trying to lose their sixth game in a row against the all important point spread.

However, the streak that means the most to me is The Dog’s streak of winning a seventh straight Super Bowl against that vital point spread. I’m excited and see a money line play. GIANTS, 31-28