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Gestapo alert!

Jan 29, 2008 4:59 AM
0-0 40-29-3 57.9

It is Super Bowl XLII week and the NFL Gestapo will be all over the city checking things out so that no one will be using the words in any of their advertising.

If they catch you, they will fine some big bucks as they own the Super Bowl name and anything that is attached. The NFL is full of hypocrites. The league wants nothing to do with gambling, yet each and every year tons of money is charged to anyone that will pay for the NFL package!

Now if you do not want to be associated with gambling at all, then why sell the package to the Las Vegas books? If you are a Las Vegas hotel and want to show the aforementioned Big Game in a big part room, there will be a limit on the size of the screen if you charge people to get in.

So now that it is the in Vegas and no longer the Super Bowl, it is really hard to find out where the parties are held. If no one gambled on these games, the TV revenue would be nil. Very few people would watch or care. The NFL should be bowing down to legal football betting in Las Vegas instead of sending the Big Game Gestapo here.

If the all knowing and all righteous NFL would use as much time solving the drug problems in its own house instead of enforcing the use of the words pro football would be a lot better off and so would the fans.

Not only is the NFL Gestapo working this week, but the Race and Sport Books’ cell phone police will be overwhelmed enforcing another stupid rule — the use of cell phones in the race and sport books. Talk about stupid!

This rule or law doesn’t mean beans in the high tech world we live in today. In fact most people that use a normal cell phone in the Books are usually returning a call from their wife or friend. The call has nothing to do with gambling. If it did, it still doesn’t amount to one thing illegal.

First of all everyone knows the point spreads all over the world are available on any computer, newspaper, radio and TV. So please, someone put an end to this outright stupidity!

In my early years running the old Stardust Sports Book, there were no props on the Super Bowl and you could actually have a Super Bowl party. The only lines we would have up would be the game and total. The favorite would usually move between three to six points higher.

Times have greatly changed.

The name of the game now is props and more props. Some books have so many props up they can’t even get them on the board. You need to pick up what is almost a pamphlet at the counter to look at all the mystifying props. I will be making three bets out of the hundreds of props.

”¡ First, I will lay -3 points with the Patriots in the first, second and fourth quarter.

”¡ My other two prop bets can be found in 2 For Tuesday (page 14).

Good luck to all in the upcoming Big Game and I hope the NFL appreciates all that the Vegas Books do to promote their image. It’s more than they do.

Stupid Santa Anita

Since we are on the subject of stupidity, the award this year has to go out to the people making the decisions at Santa Anita.

They did get lucky running the Sunshine Millions program this past Saturday on a track that was an embarrassment to Southern California racing.

At least the turf course was in tip-top condition. What I don’t understand is the lack of outrage from the owners and trainers?

These guys at Santa Anita had plenty of time to switch this meet to Hollywood or even Del Mar.

At Del Mar, they would have gotten great weather and it most likely would have been a bonanza.

Just talking to several everyday horse players, all said they won’t bet Santa Anita and that they would have gone to Del Mar for a few weekends.