Props perk up Big Game action

Jan 29, 2008 5:53 AM

It was Super Bowl week in the early 1990s when Eric St. Clair, the best first lieutenant I’ve ever had, approached me with the then new idea of putting out an array of props for the upcoming big game.

He showed me a list and my reaction was "Hey, I’d like to play these instead of booking them." He had put much thought and effort into his props, so I reluctantly went along with them.

He was right, as they pushed our volume up substantially and I realized they were here to stay and without them your competitors would have an edge on you, which was certainly not our style.

At any rate, I’ve been playing the props ever since, so besides taking +13 on the Giants, here are a few prop recommendations that I’ve already got down on courtesy of resourceful Jay Kornegay and Ed Salmons of the Las Vegas Hilton.

It really makes for a fun day and hopefully I’ll break even and you will, too.

The first and most important factor to consider is how you expect the flow of the game to be. My opinion is the Giants, who are a good running team, must realize that they have to outscore the Pats, who are a good passing team. It is often said that if you can run the ball efficiently you’ll win most games. In this match-up that’s not true, as outscoring teams comes from the passing game, not first downs.

The Giants can run for 200 yards and still lose this game as the "Brady Bunch" will outscore them.

I anticipate the first-half scoring to be lower than projected, as the Giants will probably try to keep the Pats’ offense off of the field. They have three good running backs and will utilize them all.

The best is Jacobs, but he doesn’t figure to get enough touches to qualify him for big yardage, so betting "under" on any Giant running back may be the play.

The Giant defense will attempt to blitz Brady and bottle up Moss. If this tactic is successful, Wes Welker can go over his yardage and completions totals and Moss should go under.

The sack numbers should be high, especially for the Giant defense. Pats running back Maroney should be able to exceed his yardage totals and Brady, who may be relegated to the short passing game, will have a great deal of completions, but not necessarily for a great deal of yardage. Kevin Faulk has proven himself to be an essential target, so somehow he must be considered in the mix, as yardage gained or at least number of completions.

I believe the half-time adjustments on the part of the Pats will turn the tide in the second half. Belichek is a great coach, and his players listen and will respond to his adjustments. Hopefully the Pats’ running game will be utilized and the Pats don’t try to blow the Giants away and I can collect on Monday.

It just doesn’t figure to go for more when you have a 10-plus point lead in the fourth quarter. That’s my story and I hope it’s not fiction.

For those of you that don’t remember this incident of a few years ago, please let me refresh your memory. As I remember it was a warm, sunny day and Jose Canseco was playing right field and a long lazy fly ball was hit in his direction. As he faded back to the wall, glove up, he appeared to have a bead on the ball, but ever so suddenly it bounced off the top of his head and bounded over the fence for a home run.

I’d never seen anything like that before, and it tickled me so I couldn’t stop laughing for 15 minutes as the play was replayed several times. Jose’s fielding prowess was always suspect, but this blooper was classic.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that it probably affected his mental state, as he later became a rat, fink and stirred up much dirt in reference to steroids through at least two books with names of his fellow players who he accused of the utilization of performance enhancing drugs. He even ratted on himself as a way of promoting his journalistic abilities.

Now in a new twist he supposedly offered Magglio Ordonez, the hard hitting Detroit right fielder, immunity if Mags would invest in a movie project promoted by Canseco. This sounds like blackmail to me, but in any case, Jose is adding to his resume.

Now we all know how hard a baseball lands, especially when it’s coming directly down. I wonder if the ball survived the horrific contact after meeting with a really hard head. Mags hopefully will say "No Way, Jose."

Have a great week!