Monti on Monte: High five to firemen

Feb 4, 2008 2:23 AM

What a sight it was to see flames and black smoke rising from the roof of the Monte Carlo, which is tucked right between the Bellagio and New York New York on the Las Vegas Strip.

Unfortunately, the Monte Carlo won’t re-open in time for the big Super Bowl. However, we should all applaud the Las Vegas and Clark County Fire Departments.

The response time was mere minutes and the fire was immediately under control.

There were no injuries reported. One small exception might be Monica Jackson from local TV Fox 5, whose over-reporting caused her to end up as one-half of the dueling divas, with my friend Norm Clarke from the Review Journal on the other side. Now kids, play nice.

The amazing thing about the Monte Carlo fire is that it was reported all over the world and the hotel was completely booked. The Monte Carlo, which is part of the MGM Mirage, doesn’t generate a lot of publicity except for Lance Burton who has been performing at the hotel since it opened. Lance could probably do with a little vacation time.

Breaking news! Maybe Britney will get the help she deserves since her psychiatrist was the one who called 911 and had her taken off to the hospital.

While we’re on the subject, wouldn’t you like to say to Dr. Phil, "keep quiet." Dr. Phil has been on every daytime television show known to man. He’s full of explanations about the Britney thing and also he’s just completing his 1,000th television show.

Quiet on the set, please!

This week’s sightings include Michael Jackson with three children and bodyguards at the Ronn Lucas show at the Luxor. Also in the same audience was Riviera’s star of La Cage, Frank Marino, who left talking to the Thriller himself. I do feel that Michael Jackson will find a room here sometime. My agent Ruth Bowen from New York wants Michael to headline in Aruba. Let’s see, didn’t I do that for Ruth at one time? Ah, yes!

 Diva Diana Ross has done it again, this time in Jamaica. She allegedly would not allow giant TV screens at her concert. Many people could not see her in this large arena and she was hissed and booed. Diana, let’s loosen up and bring back the lady we all know and love!

I spent some time on the phone with my friend Freda Payne, who’s coming to Las Vegas to do a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald on Feb. 10. She’ll be appearing at the Charleston Heights Art Center.

As reported last week, the Amazing Johnathan had a long run at the Sahara. Before that he was at the Golden Nugget and the Flamingo. Now he’s headed to Krave at Planet Hollywood. Seems wherever the Amazing Johnathan lands, he always ends up with an audience.

Anthony Cools, who is one of the best in the magic genre, has my vote as the sexiest man in his profession. It’s very hushed, but word is that Anthony and the Amazing Johnathan will join forces to create a new venue.

Hooray! The Steve Wyrick Theater at Planet Hollywood has a new tenant. The new show, called Mega Bubble, is scheduled to open Feb. 8 and has previously been a hit on Broadway. Steve only needs two more tenants for his theater so maybe I’ll throw my hat in the ring and bring him An Evening with Monti Rock III.

I went back to the Venetian with friends to see Phantom again. This time Anthony Crivello was starring. The show remains a masterpiece. After the show we walked over to the Palazzo and, to my amazement, it’s really quite lovely.

Gordie Brown’s show at the Venetian will close in mid-February, but fans will be glad to hear that his producer/manager Bernie Yuman says the Palazzo might build the entertainer a room. Downtown entertainment is getting better and better.

Marriage Can Be Murder at the Canyon Club, Rich Little at the Golden Nugget, and of course, The Fremont Street Experience. And, don’t forget the Latin scene, Thursdays at The South Coast, Saturdays at Jerry’s Nugget, and Fridays and Saturdays at the Gold Coast.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the proposed gangster museum, which is supposed to be located in the old post office building downtown. Let’s face it, Bugsy Siegel was a visionary. When I came to Las Vegas in 1967, the mob was quite visible. With a handshake, you had a deal.

But, when they were through with you, they got rid of you! It was over! I did manage to get out alive and I did thrive. Sometimes though, I miss those days with the beautiful showgirls, the back rooms. This was truly Sin City.

It was a treat for the eyes, though, because ladies dressed in beautiful gowns and the men in suits or tuxedos. We hope the museum carries all that history.

The Color Purple will be closing on Broadway. I’ve been told that Fantasia, from American Idol fame, missed 50 performances or so. That can’t be good for any Broadway show.

There was good news this week. The Grammy Awards will be televised as planned. Sounds like the writers strike may be settled any day now. We’re all hoping, as we need the writers back. Too many people are affected by this, as you can easily see by the lack of new programming on TV.

Remember, The Reverend Monti is available for his Million Dollar Weddings!