Hey Patriots, I do feel your pain!

Feb 5, 2008 3:49 AM

Giants 17, Patriots 14.

Richard 0-7.

No tickets cashed on my end. I have never been so wrong on a Super Bowl in my life. It was me against the world and the world won.

I did almost win my money line bet at -400 that would have gotten me even for my other wagers. Somehow Manning escaped from what looked like a sure sack and then just heaved the ball down the field where David Tyree made one of the most spectacular catches in Super Bowl annals.

The rest is in the history books. There will be no 19-0 season for the Pats.

There were some highlights for me as I did like the Victoria’s Secret commercial. The girl was absolutely beautiful and the halftime show with Tom Petty actually wasn’t that bad.

The Las Vegas Sports Books were just overflowing and the Big Game parties were all jammed packed. The betting lines started early and continued until kickoff.

The best result would have been if New England would have held on for the win and the game going under the total. There was constant blaring on the loud speakers in the books the entire day imploring "No cell phones in the book." It was nonstop.

In the book that I was in I actually spotted at least seven people talking on their cell phones at the same time. The cell phone police were just going bananas.

All I can say is that I am very happy that baseball is just around the corner. It will take a lot of baseball winners to get me close to even from this debacle. I will look for some future bets to get started before March Madness is upon us.

Speaking about March Madness, this will be another nightmare for the cell phone police and just another catchphrase that the books will not be allowed to use. Believe me, the NCAA Gestapo will be out in full force.

Most places and advertisements will use March Mania as it just keeps getting dumb and dumber. It’s all about the money, no longer a game for the kids and the fans. The goal is to bilk as much money out of everyone as they can.

My baseball views

If Johan Santana can win the Cy Young award as the best pitcher in the American League multiple times, he should be a shoo-in to get the job done in the NL. He won’t have to face the Indians, Tigers, White Sox and an improving Kansas City team in the Central Division for 72 games a season.

Also, Santana won’t have to face the Yankees and Red Sox, plus no DH so he gets that easy out in the ninth spot. I will make an early bet on Santana to win the Cy Young this season.

Now the question is will he make the Mets a winner? The answer is a resounding no! They will still have an unhealthy Pedro Martinez and two iffy pitchers in John Maine and Oliver Perez. There’s an old Orlando Hernandez and a very shaky closer in Billy Wagner. Catcher Paul LoDuca went to the Washington Nationals so I will look elsewhere for an NL pennant winner.

I like the Arizona Diamondbacks, who just may have the best 1-2 starters in the league with Brandon Webb and Dan Haren. There’s also Micah Owings and Doug Davis to give them a very solid four- man starting rotation.

I would also take a good look at the Colorado Rockies with their experience in last year’s run to the World Series. A good longshot could be the Philadelphia Phillies with Ryan Howard along with a solid offense and defense. The 15-1 price at the Hilton looks right.

Word from Santa Anita

Santa Anita went down the drain once again this past Sunday and will most likely be closed all week, attempting to fix the track surface. Why they just didn’t move the entire meet to either Hollywood Park or Del Mar (where the weather has been beautiful) is a mystery to me.

Del Mar would have been a monster success this time of year. I know that I would have gone down for a few days.

Hall of Fame trainer Jack Van Berg in a recent interview said he has had enough. Jack, who has won just 47 times in the last five years, said that he finally decided to speak out against the rampant abuse of drugs. He said drugs ranging from legal steroids to prohibited substances like EPO are a blight on the game.

Drugs punish the owners who pay the bills and the bettors who play the races. And, most of all, the horses themselves. Jack also said that the Vets are making all the money and becoming wealthy. The medications cost more than the training and feeding bills.

Jack also stated that it if you had a bad test on your horse for using a banned substance, you went down the road. Now you pay a little fine, they might take the purse away from you, and away they go.

They’ll put their assistant down as the trainer of record and stay the same. As for myself, I guess the tracks just need high performance trainers with their huge stables. In return, maybe they will get a good tip on a horse ready to win.

That’s what I need after this past week’s "not so super" of a bowl for your humble scribe.