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Station ‘Cash Ball’ adding zest to bingo

Feb 19, 2008 3:43 AM

Station Casinos has introduced Million $ Bingo, a revolutionary new Cash Ball game. The old cash ball game had one only one Cash Ball for each session that would progress daily.

If that cash ball was hit, it was gone for the rest of the session. In the new Million $ Bingo there are five Cash Balls every session and in every game. Even if one is hit in a previous game, it gives players five times more chances to win every single game (not including Jumbo or Coverall games.)

Each Cash Ball is selected at least once a day and posted in the Bingo Rooms. Every time the balls are dropped, all five Cash Balls are active, even in Double and Triple Bingo games.

To be eligible to win on the Cash Balls:

”¡ Your paper pack must be validated on the back and the electronic receipt must have "validated" printed on it.

”¡ You must Bingo on the cash ball number on a validated pack.

”¡ The cash ball number must be the last number called. The cash ball is only in effect on games 2 through 11. It is not valid on Coveralls, Hard Luck games, any special progressive games or sessions.

With Million $ Bingo there are five Cash Balls (colored for easy identification) every session. There will be: one "B", one "I", one "N", one "G" and one "O." The Cash Balls will be picked out of a red set and put into play, in color, by replacing the corresponding black colored balls. They will be available every game even if they have been hit in a previous game. All five balls remain active when in play.

Million $ Bingo prizes will be awarded according to the number of Red Colored Cash Ball numbers that are included in a winning sequence when you Bingo on a Cash Ball:

”¡ BINGO on any Cash Ball and win - $100

”¡ BINGO on a Cash Ball with one other Cash Ball in the pattern and win $500.

”¡ BINGO on a Cash Ball with two other Cash Balls and win $5,000.

”¡ BINGO on a Cash Ball with three other Cash Balls and win $50,000.

”¡ BINGO on a Cash Ball with four other Cash Balls and win $1,000,000

The first Four (4) examples are all no split pays. The only payout in Million Dollar Bingo that is aggregate is the Million Dollar payout itself. All other pays are full value regardless of the number of winners.

All prizes of the Million $ Bingo Game will be paid only on the first achievable Bingo(s) on the verified card face. Players will not be eligible for Million $ Bingo and prizes will not be paid if any type of bingo is hit on the card, if the player does not call that Bingo and if a Million $ Bingo cash ball is subsequently called.

The Million Dollar prize winner will be paid $50,000 immediately and the balance paid upon validation of the win (within 72 hours). The cost to play is still $1 per pack and $2 for Rainbows.

Until next time”¦Win a million and may you all shout "B-I-N-G-O!"