Feb 19, 2008 5:06 AM


Earlier this month, a California man became Las Vegas’ latest millionaire, and Regis Philbin wasn’t even in the casino!

William C., 38, from Lake Forest, California, hit a multi-site progressive jackpot from Aristocrat Technologies, and walked out of the Las Vegas Hilton with $1,713,561.96 .

William was the first person to hit on the new Millioni$er penny slot. He had been playing for about 15 minutes when the lady next to him said, "Excuse me, you’ve just won over a million dollars."

The jackpot was an unbelievable gift for William, who was in Las Vegas celebrating his 38th birthday.

"It hasn’t sunk in," William said afterward. "It’s still very surreal!"

He added that the first thing he is going to do is pay off all his debts. He had invested only $59 in Millioni$er before becoming an instant millionaire.

"All of us at the Las Vegas Hilton are really excited to be the first property to have the new Millioni$er multi-site progressive hit," said Bob Stewart, Las Vegas Hilton senior vice president of casino operations. "It is nice to see someone’s life change in an instant!"

Millioni$er became a state-wide multi-site progressive in Nevada last June. The top jackpot will now re-start at $1 million, ready to make another lucky player’s dreams come true.

Millioni$er is a Hyperlink progressive and features a patented second-screen feature with four different jackpot levels that can be triggered randomly during game play. The four tiered progressives give Millioni$er a higher hit frequency so players win jackpots more often.