Baseball betting going well for house

April 17, 2001 6:29 AM


According to Gold Coast race and sports book director Bert Osborne, baseball betting is hot, while NHL playoff betting has been so-so.

"Hockey betting has been average, but I can’t complain," he said. "Baseball betting is good. Handle has been nice. It’s an upside down game right now. The (Minnesota) Twins have the best record, and the Atlanta Braves are struggling. The Twins though are playing on adrenaline. They’re young. It’s a long season."

The premier game over the weekend (on Saturday) had the New York Yankees Roger Clemens against Boston’s Pedro Martinez, who was a -190 or -200 favorite. The Yankees won that game 3-2, but it was their only win of the four-game series.

"That was one of our bigger games," Osborne said. "We did have more Yankee money. But baseball has been decent for the house so far (this season)."

A wild, wild contest

Wild, Wild West sports book is holding a baseball contest each week Tuesday through Sunday during the season. The contest is free, and only one entry per person per week.

Contestants will pick 10 games per week, with no more than five per day. Each contestant has a mythical bankroll of $100 that must be used during the week. Selections will be played as a mythical $10 bet.

So let’s say you have the Philadelphia Phillies +200 vs. the New York Mets, and the Phils win, you add $20 to your pot. Whoever has the most money at the end of the week wins the money prize. If there is a tie, prize money will be split evenly.

Only money lines will be used, while totals and run lines will not be used.

There are strict rules to the contest. The following will eliminate you for the season:

*selecting both sides of the game.

*selecting the same team in the same game more than once.

*having someone else turn in your picks.

Entries must be submitted an hour before the first selection starts. Overnight lines may be used as selections for the next day’s lines when there are no more current games offered on which to play, based on the entry turn-in requirement. Overnights will be offered through Aug. 31.

Postponed or cancelled games will be considered a push.

Weekly results will be posted Monday 10:30 a.m. Winners will be paid after Wednesday 12 p.m.

Gambling from home

The Coast Casinos are now offering wagering from your home personal computer (in Nevada only) right into its sports books, which include the Barbary Coast, Gold Coast, The Orleans and Suncoast.

There is a $300 minimum to enroll.

"You come in and set up an account," Osborne said. "You get a package with a disk in it to download. The directions will walk you through it. It’s similar to a phone account."

Osborne added that he didn’t have the exact number on how many have signed up, but, "It’s only been open for a week and the response has been good."

Lucky seven?

Here’s some helpful advice to NBA bettors.

While seven is a key number for a football betting line, it also may be one in the NBA. Five NBA games Sunday ended on seven. None of the games were a push, although one of those games, Philadelphia’s 89-82 win over New York, was the Sixers -6½. One casino property closed at -7.

Two other games ended on eight and one on six.

Oh well, let the playoffs begin.

Golf numbers

The Regent Las Vegas has made Tiger Woods an even favorite to win the United States Open golf tournament June 14-17 in Tulsa, Okla. Phil Mickelson is next at 8-1. Vijay Singh is 12-1, while David Duval and Ernie Els is 15-1.

The field also is 15-1. Forty-nine golfers can be played individually.

Also, Singh is a 6-1 individual favorite to win the Shell Houston Open this Thursday through Sunday. Duval is 8-1. The field is the overall favorite at 7-2. Also, Hal Sutton is 15-1.

This Sunday, the Senior PGA Tour rolls into the TPC at Summerlin in Las Vegas.

The Regent has installed Hale Irwin as a 3-1 favorite. Larry Nelson is 4-1, Bruce Fleisher 5-1, Jim Colbert 6-1 and Mike McCullough 8-1. The field is 8-1.

Also, Allen Doyle is 10-1 and Jose Maria Canizares is 12-1. There are 39 golfers that can be played individually.