Carrot and Stick philosophy applies to Pope and poker

Feb 19, 2008 5:15 AM

Carol, do you remember when we were in Rome? We visited the Vatican, went to the Sistine Chapel and then took a lot of time just admiring the ceiling that was painted by Michelangelo.

Do you remember where the longest lines were in the eternal city of Rome? I do.

It was at the local McDonalds!

When playing poker, I am a firm believer in the reward system of "the carrot and the stick" philosophy!

If the horse does a good job, feed him a carrot or a piece of sugar. If he does not do a good job, hit him with the stick! When you are playing poker, you can use the carrot and the stick on yourself!

When you are playing good, reward yourself with a piece of candy, a cola or an apple. When you are not playing your best game, make yourself wait for the treat until you play better poker.

I am reminded of a little story about the election of a Pope — "to walk in the steps of the fisherman!" Unfortunately, the old Pope had passed to his eternal reward and the Cardinals from around the world were called to join in the enclave at the Sistine Chapel to select a new Pope.

The people were all assembled in St. Peter’s Square to be the first to see the white smoke, which would bellow out of the top of the Sistine Chapel when the final choice had been made by the Cardinals to announce that the new Pope had been selected.

The people waited, taking food and refreshments into the Cardinals. But nothing but black smoke came out twice each day from the top of the Chapel to announce that a selection had not been agreed upon.

This stalemate went on for weeks, then months! The assembled faithful became tired and restless.

They decided to withhold the food and refreshments that they had been sending in to the assembled Cardinals.

The Cardinals had been eating and drinking really good, so what was the hurry?

And would you believe that when they took the food and drink off the table, the white smoke came out the top of the Sistine Chapel the very next day announcing the selection of a new Pope.

Was this the carrot and the stick?

Poker Tip of the Week

First, re-read the above philosophy of the carrot and the stick!

You get a bonus today — another OK-J poker tip.

The rules state that only one person may play a poker hand so you have no coach at the table. Only you.

You must be the coach and the player. So with college basketball’s March Madness coming up, you need to think of yourself like the All-America basketball player who is the coach on the field.

If you are having a bad day and your poker hands will not stand up, take yourself out of the game. They will deal again tomorrow.

Until next time remember to stay lucky!