Here’s the rules for 5-spots: Play ’em.

Feb 19, 2008 5:19 AM

Recently we looked at which tickets might give us the best chance of winning a tournament. We simulated 1,000 tournaments on the computer and discovered that a simple $1 5-spot would win more than 20% of the tournaments played. This week we’ll simulate another thousand tournaments, but this time we’ll "optimize" the 5-spot. We’ll play it for $2, so if it hits it will pay about $1,600. Remember that there are eight players playing in this tourney, with a buy-in of $1,500 per player. Player one plays 1-spots, player two plays 2-spots, etc., on up to 8-spots.

Here are the results with the optimized 5-spot:

Total Wins By 1-Spots : 68 Total Wins By 5-Spots : 275
Total Wins By 2-Spots : 60 Total Wins By 6-Spots : 147
Total Wins By 3-Spots : 87 Total Wins By 7-Spots : 96
Total Wins By 4-Spots : 126 Total Wins By 8-Spots : 141

By optimizing the 5-spot, we have increased its winning percentage from over 20% to 27.5%, which means that a $2 5-spot will win these tournaments more than TWICE as often as they should given a random chance of winning! There is something going on here, and all you who play in keno tournaments should take heed.

On a scale of one to five spikes, with five being the highest, the optimized 5-spot get a rating for tournament play of 5 spikes and I don’t give this rating lightly.

If you have a keno question that you would like answered, please write to me care of this paper, or contact me on the web via email at [email protected] Well, that’s it for now. Good luck! I’ll see you in line!