Our remedy’s right on deck

Feb 19, 2008 5:45 AM

The feared recession that has been sweeping our country has finally affected Nevada. With homes no longer appreciating in equity, regular home dwellers can not take out second trust deeds or apply for refinancing without selling their souls to the mortgage lenders and certainly cannot get any extra cash as has been the case for many years.

The unemployment rate has risen to 5½ percent in Nevada so employment opportunities for new residents will, in due time, slow the enormous growth we have encountered for decades.

Although the above paints a dark picture, fear not my friends, as I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, without any doubt we fortunate Nevadans have our own solution to the economic woes of our great nation.

Already the pitchers and catchers have arrived at their spring training locations and all position players are soon to follow. For the next six weeks eat at McDonald’s ($1 hamburgers) and buffets at the hotels and build a small bankroll as baseball betting is just around the corner. I look forward to opening day each year with much enthusiasm, and this year we all can realize that we collectively can right our own ships as well as spreading our message throughout our great country. Baseball betting is the only enterprise that one can invest $1 and get $2.50 or more back on a daily basis. To hell with home equity decreasing, the sun shall shine every day from April to October.

This week’s picks

If you were surprised by last week’s picks, you’re not the only one. But the piece on the consistency of totals betting certainly rang true. The best had to be the St. John’s game under on Saturday, as they had 13 points at halftime, and had a resounding 42 at the end of the game.

It’s extremely rare when you can circle a winner at halftime, but this game was solid. It’s more often when you must "X" out a game at halftime. Anyway, here’s this week’s picks:


”¡ Cavs v. Rockets under — Houston takes a long time to shoot.

”¡ Golden State at Jazz over — The Warriors run and gun and Utah plays high at home.

”¡ DePaul at UConn — Huskies are playing great; DePaul can’t play at all.

”¡ Northwestern at Iowa under.


”¡ Lakers at Suns over — Kobe wants to show off to Shaq. And Shaq wants to show off to Kobe.

”¡ NC at NC State over — the ball won’t bounce much here as they’ll both run, pass and shoot.

”¡ Fordham at St. Louis under — It’s hard to imagine this game getting to 100.


”¡ Celtics at Suns over — Even I will want to watch this one.


”¡ Lakers at Clippers — Lay the wood on the much improved Lakers, with or without Kobe’s pinky.

”¡ Rutgers at Marquette — Play the home team; Rutgers’ only chance here would be in football.

”¡ Arkansas at Kentucky under.

”¡ Oregon at UCLA — UCLA in a blowout.


”¡ Knicks at Toronto — Are you kidding? Toronto.

”¡ Louisville at Pitt — Louisville’s got it together; Pitt’s defense won’t hold them down.

I must admit that I don’t have all the answers as many things in our world still befuddle me. For instance, can anyone explain to me how clams and oysters reproduce? Why do so many people go to Super Bowl parties? Why doesn’t the government close down the manufacturers of illegal drugs such as steroids instead of going after the guys that take them? What the hell is B-12? Why don’t we discontinue NASA as what have we learned in the past 50 years spending billions of taxpayer dollars? Why does the wind always blow on my softball days? If lie detector tests are not reliable and are not admissible in court, why do we administer them? Why can’t we all help, love and respect each other as we’ve all been dealt the greatest card of all by being born on this planet?

Have a great week!