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Leroy’s made Super debut at Riv

Feb 19, 2008 7:34 AM

Just in time for Super Bowl XLII, the Riviera Hotel & Casino joined forces with Leroy’s Race & Sports Book to open the new Leroy’s Race & Sports Book Bar & Grill in one of the Las Vegas Strip’s most well-known locations.

John Salerno, director of games for Leroy’s, said the renovation went wonderfully.

"I think it came out great," Salerno said of the Riviera’s new sports book, which is nicely set apart from the rest of the casino floor. "It’s a very functional book for us. They took a closed-up area (of the casino) and revitalized it. The Book reminds us of old Leroy’s downtown. It has its own bar, deli area and entrance for that matter."

The feel inside Crazy Leroy’s is a nice change for the sports bettor used to having the sports book within the casino. This Book is set apart from the rest of the casino where it is considerably less noisy and less smoky. When the cigarette girl comes by ("Cigars, cigarettes?") you really get a taste of that Old Vegas feeling.

Riviera Las Vegas President Robert Vannucci said Crazy Leroy’s hopes to cater to the old school sports and race gamblers here in Sin City.

"Back in the day the Riviera was a huge outpost for sports bettors," Vannucci said. "Crazy Leroy’s brings that back with the ultimate in convenience."

Vannucci said the sports book renovation was just a part of the casinos’ overall upgrade.

"The renovation to the sports and race book represents a $1 million investment," he added. "It is part of our overall renovation of more than $25 million."

Leroy’s Salerno talked about some of the new additions.

"We have new electronic odds screens, the newest betting terminals for the ticket writers as well as two kiosks for the sports bettors to use and that extends our operating hours as well as overflow if there is a long line (at the window). And for the race bettors we have the sit-down carrels with TVs at each seat," he said.

The kiosks can provide tickets for the bettors, but are unable to pay out cash due to "the logistics" of having enough cash constantly on hand, according to Salerno.

Also included in the sports book’s renovation are 50 high-definition, flat screen televisions, a new electronic board for posting games, results and the latest lines inside. Also there is a 60-foot by five-foot high-definition reader board outside. The board posts live scores and betting lines right on the Las Vegas Strip just above the entrance to the 10,000-square-foot Race and Sports book.

Salerno said this new sports book, deemed as Leroy’s flagship operation in Las Vegas, is the best of the best for his company which has run the sports book side of operations for the Riviera since 1999.

Leroy’s, a subsidiary of American Wagering, operates 61 sports books in the state of Nevada, the largest number run by any one operator.