$econd verse, same as my first...win

Feb 26, 2008 12:29 AM

Video poker is such an unpredictable game — in a fun sort of way, if you know what I mean.

I don’t really play all that much compared to many, many others, but what I do see never ceases to amaze me on nearly every trip. Yes, the machines can be frustrating beyond belief at times, but they can also be extraordinarily surprising.

Sure, the method of play that I’ve developed is frowned upon by those who choose never to be weaned off of the math — and they try to write off my over 10 straight years of consistent winning by claiming I’m experiencing some sort of short-term "pattern" that "will never continue."

They were wrong the first time they said it and they’re wrong now.

But the fact remains I do win over 85 percent of the time, and none of the critics have ever had the courage to back up their sour grapes by responding positively to any of my challenges. Some say I don’t really play. Some say I rarely hit W-2G jackpots.

Their words sound strong on the Internet alright, but put them face-to-face with a showdown and cover can’t come quick enough.

When showing them absolute proof of winning by accurate, complete and meticulously correlated documentation for a tidy bet, they turn red-faced and run. If offering to play a successful session with any or all critics as witnesses along with 2-1 payout odds in their favor should I lose, they’d just as soon get away. If I produce W-2G’s when they say "it’s not possible to hit that many big winners in a day," they’d rather talk about the weather.

Fact is, they know I win.

They know I’ve discovered a consistent way of beating the machines (negative or positive) when they struggle to get through their tedious and boring long-term sessions with part of their shirt intact. They know I spend far less hours pounding away at the machines than they do. They know I have a very enjoyable family and home life because of it.

And it irks them no end.

Well folks, there are a whole lot of others out there who actually have tried a version of one or more of my winning play strategies. It is they who are interested in hearing about how my sessions go without disbelief and anger overtaking them at every paragraph.

The rest? Let them eat cake.

Just as I’ve said since after closing out my 2007 play with a huge win in late April last year, I intended to begin 2008 professional play upon completion of this year’s Super Bowl. That’s exactly what I’ve done.

A few weeks ago you read about my first successful trip right here, that began the year with a $12,900 win — and I walked you through it every step of the way.

Well, my second trip of the year just ended when I got home 45 minutes ago. As expected, the ride home was once again very enjoyable. Again I played multiple sessions — some Romp-Thru-Town (RTT) and some Advanced RTT. (Both strategies, by the way, can be read about on my website www.vptruth.com without charge or obligation).

This trip I took a $20,000 bankroll because I first intended to play up through the $25 machine on one session only. Other sessions would go as high as $10 but most would stop at $5. I put together a variety pack of win goals because of the multiple denominations I was going after, but all goals were all between $100 and $500 minimum.

Variety in approach adds a touch of reality to the game. I’m sure anyone who’s ever played into the casino’s hands by spending 8-15 hours at the same denomination and on the same game thinking they’re beating up the established system, can attest to that

True intelligent play comes as a result of these type learning experiences if we allow that to happen. I did.

My first stop was the Aquarius in Laughlin, and I went right after a 5-level $1/$2/$5/$10/$25 RTT on machines that have my strategy’s two best games: 8-5 Bonus Poker (BP) and 8-5 Super Double Bonus Poker (SDBP).

I’d use 50 credits BP/50 credits SDBP on $1; 50/100 on $2; 100/100 on $5; 100/200 on $10; and 100/300 on $25.

Negative games? Certainly, but they are winning games as I’ve shown so many times before. This time was no different. Any RTT session can sometimes be as long as a few hours. I think this one came up just short. Some of it had to do with the $2,500, $4,000, and eventual session-ending $15,000 (4 Q’s on $25 SDBP) W-2G’s I had to wait for. With an end result of $8,200 in profit, I couldn’t complain.

Next stop was Sam’s Town, where I rarely lose. Not this time though. A $600 dump playing a 5-level 25c thru $5 RTT had me out of there. A stop at the Hard Rock added a win of $230. The Rampart gave me $260, although it took a $1,200 winner on $2 Triple Bonus Poker Plus (TBP+) to get there.

My good luck at Caesars continued with a win of $1,300. A venue change at El Cortez (I had some free-play to get) gave me a $160 win. My last stop for my seventh and final session was played at Planet Hollywood — quickly becoming one of my favorites because of their now very classy casino and overall upgraded comfortable ambience over what used to be the Aladdin.

Here after a rough start on a 4-level $1 thru $10 RTT, I hit four Aces on $5 TBP+, which to the knowledgeable player yields a $6,000 W-2G. For me, it yielded a $3,650 winning session.

Final tally: 6-1 overall with a hefty $13,200 profit. Was this expected? Winning was and always is when I play because of the great opportunity I always give myself in these short-term bursts. As far as the amount, you never really know and nothing surprises me.

Luckier than most? Not at all. Did you see me hit any royals? My big hit was four Queens, and how hard is that? I had one royal flush in my for-profit play in 2007 and it was on dollars. I watch "advantage players" all the time on the Internet forums blab about their many royals.

I hardly ever see them and have no trouble winning far greater amounts. Plus, my per-hour earnings rate and game EV is astronomical year after year.

I like this game.