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Here’s my Irish toast, to Poker war!

Feb 26, 2008 1:34 AM

Carol, Poker is war! And, I give you an old Irish toast!

Here is to my enemy’s enemies!

Love & War along with Politicking & Tournament Poker make strange bedfellows. When you are in a poker war (tournament) everyone entered is your enemy’s enemy.

If there are 20 tables each holding 10 players (you now have 199 friendly enemies), they are trying to help you eliminate the other poker warriors from the tournament war.

The only present enemies that you have are the nine at war with you at your table. Everyone else is a friendly enemy and will remain your friend until they come to your table. Then, and only then, will you need to consider them as an adversary!

Let’s talk a little about a poker war!

There are many poker wars each day and night. They are fought out each day in the green-felt battlefields of the poker rooms of the world. One of the good things about a poker tournament is that you can pick your own war. You can choose to fight or walk away.

Big wars, little wars, sit and go wars, small buy-ins, large buy-ins, short wars or poker wars that last for a year or more.

Example: Right now our friend Steve, the card room manager of the Sahara poker room in Las Vegas issues an invitation to all the poker warriors three times a day to take up the war cards and fight it out at 11 a.m., 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. These are wars of short duration. More than 100 combatants enter these wars each day and night.

At the Orleans, they hold over 600 poker wars each year, including The Orleans Open Poker Tournament in July.

This year The Orleans is keeping records of each daily tournament and assigning honor points for the position that each player finishes in each of the daily poker events.

In this, the daily Orleans Poker Wars, you can play by the day and win the money plus the points. If your points add up to be the champion of the month, you win an extra prize of $5,000. If your points wind up as the most for the year, you win the gold bracelet for that span. And, just for fun, they will award you with another $50,000 cash!

The Orleans Poker Wars is similar to the former Stairway of the Stars tournament held at the old Stardust back in the 80’s. The event was created by my friend Bob Thompson.

There are poker wars to the right and left of you. They are local, state and international. Some of the best are The Seniors World Championship of Poker, the Masters of Poker with a $100,000 buy-in for each of the well-healed combatants, and the Spring Round-Up at Pendleton, Oregon.

There will also be a poker war at sea!

"Oklahoma Sarah" and I will be hosting The Battle of the Caribbean on the Freedom of the Sea’s (one of the biggest cruise ships) from March 30 to April 7. The event is also known as the World Poker Showdown. For more info on this battle at sea go to

You can find a local poker war at the Venetian, Caesars Palace, Binion’s, Mirage, Wynn. Gosh, just about any poker room can declare a tournament poker war. Just walk in, put up your ammunition and the war is on. For the stay at homes, the Internet poker wars are available 24/7!

I have been reading from our library "Observations & Utterances From The South’s Great Generals" about the Civil War. I believe that poker wars are Civil Wars. They bring together husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, friends and enemies, professional poker players and amateur players along with past champions and wannabes.

Here is a quotation from Lafayette McLaws on the first day of the battle at Gettysburg:

"Jackson would not have hesitated when he saw the chance of success offered by the evident confusion of the retreating foe, but would have gone forward with his characteristic dash and daring, and these important positions would have doubtless been ours."

This quotation reminds me of my personal war with Stu Ungar in the $5,000 seven-card stud event of the 1980 WSOP. I finished fourth to Stu, who had all the dash and daring of Stonewall Jackson.

I played as if I were in confusion and the retreating foe. I held the best hand until the final card, but Stu played as if he held the best hand at all times.

Tip of the Week

There are many ways to fight a war and to play poker. Here is a good War plan. You the poker player pick the high ground and always shoot downhill. You alone can control the action. You are the five-star general and control all the conditions.

They include:

”¡ The game you wish to play.

”¡ The location of the game.

”¡ The stakes you wish to play for.

”¡ The length of time you wish to play.

”¡ The players you wish to play with.

”¡ The amount of casualties you are willing to suffer.

At any time when you are winner, the war can end and victory declared. Take the money home and count it there!

Until next time remember to stay lucky!