This Monte taking highest road on ‘shaft’

Mar 4, 2008 2:25 AM

To all my readers of GamingToday, who recently flooded me with e-mails of your undying support, it certainly is greatly appreciated.

My job is to inform you, so true to my words of last week I ventured out to catch The Showgirl Must Go On at Caesars Palace Colosseum starring Bette Midler. Made a complete night of it by shelling out the cost of the ticket, dinner at Planet Hollywood before the show and even bought a program.

If you’re a Bette Midler fan you’re gonna love this show. It’s vintage M. Be sure to check out Bette’s Boutique, next to the Colosseum, before or after the show. The merchandising is campy and a la Diva Bette! The Divine One knows what works. She knows her brand.

Bette fills the Colosseum with song, dance and laughter. She went nonstop for the full 90 minutes and I don’t know how she does it. This could be the Vegas version of the Energizer Bunny.

I’m not a critic, but an observer. My trade is being an entertainer/journalist/gossip columnist who tells our readers like it is. Bette Midler’s show is one to see and hear. Some parts need a little work, but it’s a true Vegas show with live music and dancers in beautiful costumes.

Pick your tickets wisely, even though every seat offers a clear view of the stage and great sound. After all, it is Caesars Palace! The seats in the upper most mezzanine are little tight. You might want to pull out the binoculars to use for these seats.

Bette has some big shoes to fill at the Colosseum and it seems she’s off to a good start. Celine Dion raised the bar for entertainment and international stars. Some think I was a little excessive when mentioning I saw Celine’s show 13 times in the five years she was here.

The Colosseum has become the home of true stars, icons and legends. Remember Josephine Baker? The little girl from St. Louis went on to become an international star in Paris. I once opened for Josephine Baker and she gave me an education in showmanship.

Josephine Baker, Marlene Dietrich and Liberace were all international stars that can be compared to this generation’s stars appearing at Caesars Palace such as Celine, Bette, Elton John and Cher.

Jackie Baskow hosted her annual Oscar Night America at Planet Hollywood last week. It was an extraordinary black-tie evening to benefit the Arthritis Foundation of Southern Nevada. The evening included a silent auction with fabulous memorabilia, beautifully served dinner and introduction to the evening’s honorees, Cindy Doumani and Cathy Ray.

Ms. Doumani is a former showgirl/model known for her humanitarian work and has become quite the society matron. The lovely Cathy Ray was a favorite television news anchor until she retired at an early age due to health issues. We all still miss you Cathy.

Standout guests for the event included the fabulous Frank Marino, who made me laugh about my gossip chops. I visited with Steve Wyrick and his fiancee. Seated at my table were Penny Levin and Jerry Fink. My hat’s off to you Jackie Baskow for a wonderful event.

As far as the Academy Awards one word comes to mind — boring, boring, boring. Okay, three words.

Where is the Hollywood glamour that I love? The Hollywood with the likes of Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Liz Taylor and Cary Grant. Although I must say George Clooney does have that star quality. Television’s Oscar night was a night to forget.

There I said it.

Phantom, a Las Vegas masterpiece at the Venetian, will soon add Paul Stanley in the lead role. Stanley was a member of KISS so I doubt that he’ll be recognized because of all the makeup the rock act was known to wear. It’s kind of a nice idea to have a star like Stanley performing in the likes of Phantom. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but as a reminder call me.

I’m willing to do the part in drag. It might be another added attraction. Just a thought!

Not sure what the cost of creating the Cathouse nightclub at the Luxor was, but some of the clubs that have appeared over the last couple of years were billed as costing millions. Hope none of those million dollar ventures develop a problem with their ceilings like the Cathouse.

After evacuating the customers, the Cathouse fast became the Closed House. And do we think there will be more news in the future regarding the nightclub scenes and all the money reportedly changing hands in the form of gratuity? After reading some of the articles about the amounts of money involved, I may take up a new career.

Fortunately the ceiling problem didn’t affect other areas of the Luxor. The entertainment venues continued with Ronn Lucas in the afternoon and Carrot Top at night. It was a bit of a fiasco for Carrot Top when he got in trouble for raining on his audience. But, all is well and dry now. The Redneck Tenors will open at The Luxor

later this month, classical music and comedy.

Dick Feeney’s show at the Plaza downtown continues to pick up business. As reported earlier, Rich Little did pull out of his show at the Golden Nugget. Rumors continue that the Golden Nugget will soon be home to a new T&A show.

Good news for you Salsa lovers, available Thursday nights at the South Coast and Monday nights at The Greek Tavern (Eastern at Silverado). Rumor has it that Red Rock will have Sunday afternoon salsa with the Michito Orchestra.

The Orleans is leading the move of former strip entertainers doing their thing for locals, who really appreciate good old fashioned talent. Don Rickles, Gladys Knight, Englebert Humperdinck, Sinbad lead the pack of stars coming on board. No special effects, just great showmanship. Big names can also be seen at the Suncoast, Red Rock and other Station locations.

Rosanne (Barr) has opened an extended run at the Sahara and Amazing Jonathan replaces the outgoing (finally) Fashionistas at Krave in Planet Hollywood.

Of course, The Reverend Monti is available to give you that Million Dollar Wedding.