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Way tickets popular for being simple

Mar 4, 2008 2:58 AM

The chart below, based upon Pascal’s Triangle, is a breakout of the available way tickets that you can play using groups of the same size.

Way tickets using same size groups are the most popular probably because they are simpler to write and to check.

To use the chart, simply go down the left side until you find the number of groups that you want to play, and then across until you hit the size of group. For instance six groups of three will produce a 20-way-9. A nice one at that.

It should be noted that way tickets with same size groups half the size of your played way (for instance a way eight using groups of four) are usually the best available to play, all other things being equal.

This obviously works for even ways (fours, sixes, eights and tens etc.) but the same principle holds true for odd ways, you must use fours and fives to make the best way nines. But that’s another subject for another day.

If you have a Keno question that you would like answered, please write to me care of GamingToday, or contact me on the web via email at [email protected].

Well, that’s it for now. Until next week, good luck and I will see you in line!

3 1-way-3 1-way-6 1-way-9 1-way-12
  3-way-2 3-way-4 3-way-6 3-way-8
  3-way-1 3-way-2 3-way-3 3-way-4
4 1-way-4 1-way-8 1-way-12 ********
  4-way-3 4-way-6 4-way-9 4-way-12
  6-way-2 6-way-4 6-way-6 6-way-8
  4-way-1 4-way-2 4-way-3 4-way-4
5 1-way-5 1-way-10 1-way-15 ********
  5-way-4 5-way-8 5-way-12 ********
  10-way-3 10-way-6 10-way-9 10-way-12 
  10-way-2 10-way-4 10-way-6 10-way-8
  5-way-1 5-way-2 5-way-3 5-way-4
6 1-way-6 1-way-12 ******** ********
   6-way-5 6-way-10 6-way-15 ********
  15-way-4 15-way-8 15-way-12 ********
  20-way-3 20-way-6 20-way-9 20-way-12
  15-way-2 15-way-4 15-way-6 15-way-8
  6-way-1 6-way-2 6-way-3 6-way-4
7 1-way-7 1-way-14 ******** ********
  7-way-6 7-way-12 ******** ********
  21-way-5 21-way-10 21-way-15 ********
  35-way-4 35-way-8 35-way-12 ********
  35-way-3 35-way-6 35-way-9 35-way-12
  21-way-2 21-way-4 21-way-6 21-way-8
  7-way-1 7-way-2 7-way-3 7-way-4
8 1-way-8 ******** ******** ********
  8-way-7 8-way-14 ******** ********
  28-way-6 28-way-12 ******** ********
  56-way-5 56-way-10 56-way-15 ********
  70-way-4 70-way-8 70-way-12 ********
  56-way-3 56-way-6 56-way-9 56-way-12
  28-way-2 28-way-4

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