Kooky video poker patterns seem to be random

Apr 29, 2008 7:00 PM

The Undeniable Truth by Rob Singer | One of the most passionate topics that players e-mail me on has to be about what they see in the various machines they play.

Yes, sometimes the input is a bit on the kooky side, but I try to look at every event and opinion with an open mind. After all, I see some very strange things myself, and Iím surprised about it every single time just as much as they are.

Thereís a lot thatís been written over the years by all kinds of players about what may be the cause behind sometimes very odd occurrences at the machines. Most say whatever happens are just events occurring at random. I usually tend to concur, but not always Ė especially when a rash of them pop up so often on so many machines.

A few weeks ago I wrote of a $5 machine continuously handing me three or four cards to the royal at Samís Town. There were half a dozen of them in less than two minutes and I hit the royal.

The following week on $10 Triple Bonus Poker at the Rio, I was dealt three fours in four straight hands Ė failing each time to get the fourth or even a full house. But on the very next hand I was dealt just two fours, and naturally the other two appeared on the draw for another huge winner.

Then just a week ago while playing at Wynn, I was dealt an open-ended four to the straight flush two hands in a row. Both were in diamonds and were 3, 4, 5, 6. I didnít hit either one, but within five minutes I was dealt the 3-7 of diamonds.

Coincidence? I really donít think so. After what I experienced on the previous trips, it becomes increasingly easy to throw "random" out the window at times like these.

I received an e-mail from a player in Pennsylvania not too long ago that detailed a strange occurrence he had at the Stratosphere. His 25-cent machine hit two quads in a row Ė 5ís and 10ís and neither dealt. Thatís not very odd since Iíve experienced similar hits myself twice. But within 15 minutes he hit them (5ís and 10ís) again and again in back-to-back fashion!

How strange is that! This player swears something was up with the machine. By knowing the pattern of deals and draws, he figured to be headed for something a little off the cuff, and thatís exactly what he got. You can bet that no matter who says what to him from here on out, heíll never believe in random again.

And can you blame him?

How about this one. We all know how frustrating being dealt four-to-the-royal is because you hardly ever convert. We like it when we see it rolling out in front of us because of the tremendous opportunity. However, as we begin to recall how many times nothing ever came of such a deal, we digress some.

But a player from Minnesota says she has even more to gripe about.

Most or all of the math people always write off other playersí experiences as "coincidental" from constantly seeing the one card they need to fill in the quad, straight flush or royal show up as the first card out on the very next hand, instead of coming out on the previous draw when it would have meant something.

 Well, I know a lady in St. Paul whoíll go to her grave believing theyíre all full of baloney. In one session at a 50-cent machine in Laughlin about four months ago, she was given the opportunity of being dealt four royal cards four times in two hours. First of all, how many times does that really happen anyway?

Anticipation does run high in such cases, yet each time she lost, and each time on the very next deal came the one card she needed the hand before to make the royal. Not once, but four times!

Still believe in totally random, Einsteins?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Iíve heard from a player who two years ago says he was dealt two royals consecutively! The claim is true, but I admit, Iíd have to have seen this one with my own eyes to believe it really happened.

I did ask to see the W2Gís for time stamp verification that would add some credibility to this event, but thatís when I found out it was on quarters. The odds are in the billions against it, but who knowsÖ

I do know that three fours do not get dealt four times in a row unless thereís no shuffle. And, four more donít just pop up out of nowhere on the very next hand. Try that at home every day for 50 years with a real deck of cards and you wonít see it. Having the first card out on the next hand being the needed royal card the hand before happening four times in two hours?


In the end, players will play on and go for their thrills regardless. Anythingís possible, and nothing will keep players away from it. The real thrill is seeing things happen when you least expect them.