2 for Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 29, 2008 7:00 PM


2 FOR TUESDAY Richard Saber...last wk: 2-1. ’08: 24-19 (55.8%)

REDS -105 vs CARDINALS (Cueto v Pineiro)

Cincinnati was supposed to be the improved team in the NL Central and St. Louis was supposed to be down. It’s the other way around. CARDINALS.

D’BACKS -142 vs ASTROS (Gonzalez v Cassel)

Arizona just keeps winning at home and it’s wise to keeping playing the NL West leaders until proven different. D’BACKS...Bonus: NY METS (no line).

2 FOR TUESDAY Mark Mayer... last wk: 3-0. ’08: 22-20 (52.4%)

YANKEES vs TIGERS (Hughes v Rogers)

The roaster Kenny Rogers has been roughed up this year and should bring out the boobirds from his days with the Mets. Phil Hughes has also struggled so expect lots of offense. OVER 11.

GIANTS -121 vs ROCKIES (Lincecum v Cook)

The Giants are a perfect 5-0 when Tim Lincecum pitches, but he hardly ever gets any runs to work with. GIANTS... Bonus: LA-Florida UNDER 9˝.