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BCS to consider 'Final Four' playoff

Apr 30, 2008 8:50 PM

by David Stratton | College football fans who every year clamor for a championship playoff system probably won’t get their wish for awhile, although the BCS conferences will today discuss a "Final Four" concept.

The commissioners of the 11 major football conferences plus Notre Dame’s athletic director are meeting in Florida to discuss the Bowl Championship Series (BCS), the BCS format as well as television contracts.

The main topic in today’s discussions is the "plus-one" format for determining the participants in the BCS title game.

Under the plus-one model, the top four BCS teams would be seeded and square off in a semi-final match-up in two existing bowl games, with the winners advancing to the BCS championship game.

Although the new format appears relatively simple to implement, it’s a longshot to be adopted by the BCS conferences. The Big 10 and Pac 10 conferences have already voiced their opposition to the plan, which would have to work around TV deals with the Rose Bowl, which runs through January 2014.

On other issues, the discussions – which began Monday and end today – concluded that the BCS computer ranking system will remain intact.

Under that system, college teams are rated by the Harris Poll and six computer power ratings. The Harris Poll and coaches’ polls account for two-thirds of a BCS team’s ranking.