Let's bring more dazzle to Vegas shows

May 6, 2008 7:00 PM

The Full Monti by Monti Rock III | Las Vegas can be a real theater town, but the shows need to be more Vegas oriented, and should be exclusive to this city. Maybe add some pizzazz, some dazzle.

Case in point is the new "Jersey Boys" show at Palazzo. What a great spectacle Ė entertaining, fun and poignant. I saw the show again last week on media night. The show is based on the life and times of the Four Seasons.

Frankie Valli is a wonderful friend and has a great story. Itís really all about the record industry and what it takes to survive. Itís about creative bookkeeping, record producers and the shelf-life a recording star has. Iím lucky to be part of an industry that embraced me as a recording artist and share success in the company of these great artists.

The phenomenon of the Broadway Theater in Las Vegas is alive and doing well. "Mamma Mia" has been on point for six years at Mandalay Bay. "Phantom of the Opera" is still drawing theater-goers at the Venetian.

However, the Wynn productions struggled. "Avenue Q," suffered from being a New York brand, while "Spamalot" made some ask, "whoís Monty Python and who cares?"

This columnist doesnít like to beat a dead horse, but can the locals afford some of the ticket prices? Hats off to producer David Saxe! A portion of his sales to locals will be donated to charity during the month of May. Maybe this will start a trend.

Cher! So much ballyhoo about the wonderful iconic Cher coming to Las Vegas. The Colosseum at Caesars Palace is digging up all the Divas!

Oprah was filming at Caesars when she had Tina Turner make the great announcement about her comeback. Whoops! And so am I Ė making a comeback that is.

Tina, who is so Zen and living in France, may end up as part of the Colosseumís Dueling Divas after her upcoming tour. She would be adding to the already existing triple threat of The Divine Miss M, Sir Elton John and Cher. As I said much earlier, when Celine Dion first opened the new Colosseum, she raised the bar. Letís not forget the Colosseum has 4,500 seats to fill every night.

I had a wonderful feast at Woo Restaurant at Palazzo. The food, as usual, was quite superb, and the service was friendly and impeccable. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants innovative cuisine at decent prices.

Criss Angel seems to be our new Las Vegas star. Heís like the Mick Jagger of magic and is appearing at one of my favorite properties, the Luxor. The resort recently re-invented itself and seems to be making a big payoff.

Granted, Criss may be more than a magician but no one can replace David Copperfield. Scandal and all, David has the genre covered like nobody else. Do we think the $10 million island David owns is real or is it magic?

The comedians performing in Las Vegas have the good life. George Wallace is starting his fifth year at the Flamingo and is still going strong. Everyone loves his casual, oh so funny show. Rita Rudner has been here for six years and is currently going strong at Harrahís. The Sahara offers Roseanne Barr, who we all remember started her career as a stand-up comedian before television.

I love both the old Las Vegas and the new. I like to keep my readers informed and admit that I donít always get it right. However, when Iím wrong... Well, please give me a break!

The "Rat Pack Is Back," currently at the Plaza, celebrates its sixth anniversary in Vegas on May 24. It reminds us of Vegas at its best Ė when the lounges were the homes of the showbiz greats And remember the irresistible Charo will be at The South Point May 16-17.

For GamingToday readers, hereís my Idol watch! Seems Paula Abdul must have had a senior moment when she offered up her critique of Jason Castro. Jason had only sung one song but Paula commented on two. Oops! Couldnít help but notice she seemed to be reading her hand-written notes.

Weíre giving Paula a break, knowing sheíll continue with her place on "American Idol." I still predict the show will end up with David versus David (Archuleta vs. Cook). This week we had to say a tearful good-bye to Brooke. Letís not forget these kids are performing for 40 million viewers. Itís great exposure and, if they have talent, theyíll have careers.

I also think itís hard for the kids performing on the show to connect with the music from Andrew Lloyd Webber and even Neil Diamond. For the most part, they donít listen to that style of music. The producers of "American Idol" should give the kids a break when it comes to song choices.

Pop star Miley Cyrus is on course to become one of the youngest ever billionaires. Sheís supposed to hit that mark before age 18. And by the way, canít we leave Miley alone? It was just a picture of her back. Letís not try to turn her into a Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears. Please!

The rumors are rampant that Whitney Houston may have a room at Planet Hollywood. as well as the fantastic Havana Nights. This would be a welcomed event. Marie and Donny Osmond will open at the Flamingo in June and we love that Danny Gans is going back to join forces with Steve Wynn. Danny and Steve must have been separated at birth.

By the way, Danny and Chip Lightman are producing the Osmonds at the Flamingo, which will be a guaranteed hit. Other rumors are that Michael Jackson is ready to strike a deal with a major hotel. Letís hope so.

Daytime Emmyís were announced. Ellen DeGeneres gets it hands down and "The View" will become the Susan Lucci of daytime television. Sorry Barbara.

"Clint Holmes x 3," his Broadway show, is being fine tuned again thanks to a new marriage and new sense of life. Heís just received the Louie Prima Award from the Showbiz Society.

The Reverend Monti will announce his new Wedding Chapel affiliation shortly. And, the annual birthday bash arrangements are just about set. Weíll keep you posted.