Singer Play Strategy cuts through mindless statistics

Apr 23, 2001 6:13 AM

Here’s part two of the Singer Play Strategy, which offers individuals a baseline alternative to the losing they constantly experience without the presence of extreme luck.

And keep in mind: this is a visit-by-visit strategy. It is designed for the way we ALL play, because everyone wants to win as often as possible.

The Singer Play Strategy, part 2

Rule 5: If 100 credits are lost on BP and 300 are lost on DB, DDB, or TBP, I advance to the next denomination and begin the process again. In my case this means the $2 machines. During the process once again (100 credits on BP/300 credits on advanced bonus games), I play until 40+ credits are won, and always cash out as usual, but if and when I accumulate a minimum profit of 240 credits, I pocket 40+ credits and use the remaining 200 credits to cover my $400 in losses on the dollar machines. I then begin all over again on the dollar machines.

Rule 6: If 100 credits are lost on $2 BP, and 300 are lost on DB, DDB, or TBP, I advance to the $5 machines, and begin the process again. I now have $400 in dollars and $800 in $2 credits to recoup. As usual, I continue to cash out and restart whenever 40+ credits are won. This time I require an overall minimum win of 280 credits before I go back to dollars and start over again: 240 credits to make up for the $1200 in dollar and $2 losses, and a minimum of 40 credits ($200) pocketed profit.

Rule 7: I will continue this process right up through the $100 machines as required (I’ve only had to go there once thus far, and I will risk up to an additional $40,000 at this level) - until either all the 40+ pocketed wins add up to my profit goal of $2500 minimum, I attain or surpass my goal with one big hit or several smaller ones, or I lose my bankroll.

Losing has happened less than three percent of the time - but remembering I have pocketed quite a few 40+ credit profits, and based on my particular strategy, I only advance to the $25 or $100 machines if this week’s loss puts me behind my overall average weekly goal of $2500/week thus far-for the year.

Rule 8: Realize my results have shown me being ahead at least 40 credits - within seconds, within minutes, or within hours - at least 75 percent of the time I risk 400 credits in any denomination. This does not mean I lose 25 percent of the time. The 40+ pocketed credits add up fast - sometimes fast if you hit a quad or SF - and many times my win goal is attained by these profits alone.

Rule 9: Whenever I hit a royal flush, I immediately pack up, check out, and go home! I have over-achieved my goal, and if it is hit on a higher-than-my-baseline denomination, I am instantly well above my average weekly goal. (This is an important factor for decisions made in Rule No. 7).

Golden Rule: NEVER deviate from strategy

Note 1: You will find leaving a losing machine is difficult, and leaving a winning machine is probably against your nature. Staying at winning or losing machines are long-term strategy pitfalls. This is short-term strategy. Be prepared to go home a winner for a change! I always play full-pay machines if available.

Approximately 95-98 percent of the hands I play are exactly the same as expert strategy, because these are simple common sense to me. Some of the differences I incorporate are, I ALWAYS keep 3-to-the-Royal - with these exceptions: If three Aces are dealt with this hand, I always keep the aces; or, if three K’s, Q’s, J’s, or 10’s are dealt within 3-to-the-Royal, I will keep them only to the extent that if I get four of them, it will send me back to dollars to begin again, or if it will send me home by attaining my weekly win goal.

Similarly, if any hand has a reasonable chance of attaining a winning hand on the draw that will allow me to reach my win goal for the week and go home - such as being dealt 4,4,8,8,6 and holding just the fours, trying for four of them, or four of them with the kicker - I play this way as required. There are quite a few other intricate deviations from expert play that I incorporate as I go along, but you should come up with your own list that is comfortable for you to use. Don’t be afraid to take chances.

Note No. 2: Whenever I find myself playing while on an external schedule or while having time-limiting commitments with others (ie. not playing professionally) I jump around from machine to machine of any denomination after winning at least 40 credits or losing a pre-set amount. I have never had an overall losing trip using this method. The key? Tell yourself you are not a slave to any machine any more, and you can decide when it is right for you to get up and change machines or leave. The machine now does not control the players, but the players now control whatever luck the machine affords them.