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Count on NBA action to heat up

May 6, 2008 7:00 PM

Diamondís Gems by Sid Diamond | The first round of the NBA playoffs certainly finished "as advertised" as the higher seeds won all eight series. Does it seem that the league takes great pleasure in the extension of play? How in the world could No. 8 seed Atlanta take the No. 1 seed Boston to a full seven game series? The next round figures to be tougher for the No. 1 seed in the West (Lakers), as Utah is a formidable opponent, especially at home.

There may be a few upsets in this round, if you can call the Spurs an upset. The Pistons have already received their wake up call and should handle the Magic without any problems, unless they decide to take a game or two off, which is certainly their prior history.

Surely the Celtics will be able to slow down King James enough to become a strong opponent for the ever present Pistons in the Eastern Finals. It should be interesting from here on in. Iím still putting my money on the Lakers, with or without their much improved but often injured center, Andrew Bynum.

My baseball advice remains the same as last week, with over plays in the Tigers and Diamondbacks, and under plays on San Diego and Kansas City as they showed a profit this past week, and they figure to get even better this week.

Right off the bat I want to apologize for my upcoming comments that are non-sports related, but I canít sit on the crisis of the endoscopy centers any longer. Actually, I was distantly involved as I volunteered to drive my neighbor to the Desert Inn center just two days before it became public knowledge of the dastardly practices of the owners and employees of the clinics.

I wished I had a flat tire that morning, and certainly he does also. My feelings for the administrators of the corporation are Iím sure as severe as anybodyís who was in any way touched by the entire revelation.

My mind however keeps reminding me that the real blame is only centered on the owners and policy makers, and perhaps another segment is going unnoticed. Itís a fact that most of us have no use for "whistle blowers" who sometimes rat out others for their own personal gain or notoriety.

But for the love of me I canít understand why nobody aware of the possible repercussions to patients due to the usage of unsanitary practices didnít reveal to somebody the health hazards that took place over three or four years. Blow their job, maybe, but save some 50,000 unaware people this health damage as well as the anxiety they are now going through is beyond my comprehension.

Over the years how many average Joes and Janes had the knowledge and didnít blow the whistle on their employers? At least the doctors were trying to save money, for which I believe they should be severely punished, as they certainly should have known better.

But all this time how about the people that actually stuck those unsanitary needles in the arms of thousands of patients. I only hope they have severe remorse that lasts a long time, for they above everybody else deserve it.

It appears that Roger Clemens believes the best way to stay in shape is by working out all the time. Is it possible his conditioning programs enable him to outdrive John Daly? (Joke.)

The untimely passing of Tom Rinaldi last week was difficult for many of us who like myself considered Tommy family. I first bumped into Tommy when he was under the watchful eye of Sonny Reisner at the Castaways. I loved his upbeat attitude and always desired to work with him. Years later he helped solidify our organization at the Excalibur when we took over all the Circus Circus stores. We needed a night time sports man to run the operation and I reached out for his services. I was never disappointed with his performance, and couldnít imagine how we could have done it without him. I never met anybody who didnít love him, as I certainly did. Thanks again Tom and rest in peace.

Have a great week!