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Vision was close: They were together!

May 6, 2008 7:00 PM

Getting Rich with Saber by Richard Saber | Another Kentucky Derby is in the books and my hard earned cash is in the race books. But, I did have a good time.

I won’t get into the race since everyone has heard it all and knows the outcome. I won’t have to worry about betting on the Preakness in two weeks as Big Brown will be odds-on against who knows who?

As for my vision of the race, it was right on except for the order of finish. My main two horses Court Vision and Visionaire did run next to each other. The only problem was Visionaire ran 12th and Court Vision 13th. Court Vision had little or no excuse, but Visionaire had a nightmare trip and may need a jockey change.

Neither would have won anyway, so now all we do is see if Big Brown can pull off the Triple. I know it would be good for both horse racing and the Vegas books.

As for my Kentucky Derby experience, all in all it was just a fine day.

It actually started out on Friday with the Oaks. I was at Palace Station making the Oaks to Derby double not only for myself but several other people. I did get a comp for a great dinner at one of my favorite spots The Broiler at Palace Station. Thanks Bert.

Since I don’t go to Louisville anymore, it is usually a Derby party at my cousin’s house. Except this time they are in Rome so we were on our own. The Palms sent out coupons for the Derby. If you made a $2 win place and show bet they would match it.
What a great idea!

Saturday morning we get there with our coupons, but find out that the betting terminals are down and we will have to wait. We took up in some nice seats in the back where there were some IPT terminals. I like using the IPTs as you can wager right up to post time and there is no waiting in line.

We were fortunate to get these good seats, but Larry Cooper, one of the managers, took care of us. Even though the regular terminals were down, you could still bet on the IPTs. So we were able to sit, have coffee and bet while everyone else was just standing there waiting.

Besides giving a matching $2 across the board bet on the Derby, the Palms also offered coupons every time you made a bet on the race. There was a big cash drawing after every race at Churchill. Customers were also handed another coupon for the Preakness. I will definitely use that one on Big Brown.

It was chaos early on in the Palms, but Larry and his crew deserve a ton of credit for keeping their cool and doing a great job under tying circumstances.

Also, the Derby crowd had cell phones and used them. And, they had and spent a lot of money! I noticed a lot of young bettors – most first-timers who asked a lot of questions on how to make a bet on the Derby. Most of them used their cell phones right in the book.

It was impossible to enforce the rule and I did notice that the cell phone police were mostly looking the other way. Good job! After the race, one young girl said that Big Brown is faster then UPS.

Since we are into horse racing this week, the National Handicapping Championship Qualifier hosted by Red Rock Casino Resort Spa will begin Saturday, June 21 with a $200 entry fee. The good news is that there will be other Qualifier Tournaments that only cost $40 to enter.

Any good horse player should take a shot for $40. You never know who could be walking around lucky. The first $40 qualifier will be at Palace Station on Thursday, July 10. The next one is July 17 at Boulder Station.

Either check this column for the rest of the schedule or pick up a copy at any Station Casinos locale.